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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary "Jeb" Clinton

The Washington Post posted a story, "Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?"

From the Washington Post:
“Generally, I’m concerned, frankly,” said former Democratic Senate leader Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.). “It still looks positive, and I think if you look at the swing states and where she is right now, she’s got a lead. But it’s certainly not in the bag. We have two months to go, and I think it’s going to be a competitive race all the way through. I would say she’s got at least a 60 percent chance of winning.”
At the same time, Daschle said, “all the things that Trump has done, the numbers should be far more explicitly in her favor, but they’re not.”
Among Democrats’ concerns is the fact that Clinton spent a great deal of time over the summer raising millions of dollars in private fund-raisers while Trump was devoting much of his schedule to rallies, speeches and TV appearances — although many of those didn’t go as well as his campaign may have hoped.
All her baggage aside -- including her health issues -- she is a terrible campaigner using a 1992 playbook. Big money alone no longer works. Big media is an albatross in an anti-establishment year. And eight years of Democrats calling everyone a racist has rendered the word meaningless.

Trump is drawing boisterous crowds. Hillary is drawing polite applause. Don't be surprised if someday soon she tells an audience, "Please clap."

Team Clinton seems to be making the same mistakes Team Jeb made.

From the story:
Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, battling historic unpopularity and a flood of public Republican defections, has been delighted and somewhat relieved to see the polls tighten. Aides attributed the change to Trump’s packed August schedule, including a visit to Mexico, as well as increased discipline — at least by Trump standards.
Just as Trump was repeatedly underestimated during the Republican primaries, his aides say he is again being underestimated heading into the general election. There’s a sense in the campaign that things are finally coming together and that Trump can propel himself ahead of Clinton over the next two months.
Her desperate "bucket of deplorables" remark on Friday night was an applause line for a group of rich snobs who 40 years earlier snubbed the man from Queens for being common. She is an over-publicized valedictorian from one of the Seven Sisters schools who went to Yale Law School to land a husband. Hence, she saw nothing wrong with implying half the country is crazy.

They are tearing their hair out. Their precious is being tossed in the fire.

How can this bee? The Clinton Machine has been in place for 25 years now.  They are up against a rookie who has never run for any office. An underfunded rookie at that, who is less popular than she is.

And he is within the margin of error?

What a far cry from the Washington Post headline three weeks ago:
With a comfortable lead, Clinton begins laying plans for her White House agenda.
President Dukakis did the same thing.


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  1. Even a month ago, the lead wasn't that comfortable.

    "a group of rich snobs who 40 years earlier snubbed the man from Queens for being common"

    40 years ago, they were all telling themselves how down they were with the people.

  2. Remember Leona Helmsley?

    And who enabled North Korea to go nuclear?

    These things should be talked about.

  3. Dukakis was 16 points ahead of Bush on Labor Day. How did that work out?

  4. Yale might come in handy when she tries to get out of prison.

    Don't mean her legal defense. I was thinking more of picking the lock on the cell door.