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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary, America's basket case

With her campaign melting like a wicked witch taking a shower,* Hilary Clinton lashed out at the voters for rejecting her. She called them a "basket of deplorables."

That is not the story because the real problem is this drew applause. Truth, justice, and the American way are now considered deplorable by the cultural elites, indoctrinated university graduates, and illegal immigrants who inhabit sections of the country.

From CNN:
New York (CNN) -- Hillary Clinton told an audience of donors Friday night that half of Donald Trump's supporters fall into "the basket of deplorables," meaning people who are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic.
In an effort to explain the support behind Trump, Clinton went on to describe the rest of Trump supporters as people who are looking for change in any form because of economic anxiety and urged her supporters to empathize with them.
"To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables," Clinton said. "Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it."
She added, "And unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric."
Clinton then said some of these people were "irredeemable" and "not America."
Attacking Trump is fine. That is her job. She should do that.

But attacking his supporters is a line crossed that signals her administration will target the 60 million to 75 million people who will vote for him in a manner that makes the IRS attacks on the Tea Party look like child's play.

Add to that Bill Clinton's attack on Coal People on Friday, and you have a campaign that knows it is sliding into Dukakis Territory. Hillary is America's basket case. She's fallen and she can't get up.

However, the awful thing is that so many Americans believe our country is no better than most and worse than a lot. They buy into that long discredited that slaves built the country. Not so. The nation was founded by innovators who paid wages to build the steamships, the railroads, the highways, and the airports. Slavery did not run the steel mills or the automobile factories or the coal mines. I could go on. Readers are smart enough to figure this out.

Hating America is en vogue. The Left and the Washington Right has embraced foreigners and Muslim terrorists. If you use the word "Islamophobic" that says it all. In an earlier time such people would be shunned.

Now they think they can elect the next president.

Why not? They elected this one.

Meanwhile, on the same day, without know about her Basket of Deplorables speech, Trump said this in Pensacola:
Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the past.
Ours is the campaign of the future.
In this future, we are going to pursue new trade policies that put American workers first – and that keep jobs in our country. All the people who got NAFTA wrong, and China wrong, and who are trying to give us the Trans-Pacific Partnership – are the same failed voices pushing for Hillary Clinton.
Our trade deficit with the world is now nearly $800 billion dollars. We’ve lost one-third of our manufacturing jobs since Bill and Hillary Clinton gave us NAFTA. China is manipulating its currency and taking our jobs. We are going to stop companies from leaving our country and keep those jobs right here in America. The era of economic surrender is over.
We will also have a very strong border that stops people and drugs from illegally pouring into our country -- and we're going to build a border wall, and Mexico will pay for it.
In this new future, we are going to raise your wages. Household incomes are over $4,000 less today than they were in the year 2000.
My tax, trade, energy, immigration and regulation reforms will get your salaries and wages up. Hillary Clinton will continue the failed economic agenda that has only made her friends rich at your personal expense. Many people in this room tonight, and across this country, haven’t seen a real wage increase in 18 years.
He attacks the policies of the Democrats for their Record of Deplorables.

She attacks his supporters for being American.

* OK, I stole that simile from Robot Chicken.


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  1. Yes, the comments were politically tone-deaf. I don't know if it is desperation or not, but is close to a being a colossal blunder.

    And, wow, if that really was the a picture of Trump's Florida rally, amazing!

  2. The Democrats have effectively divided America into two camps: Those that love it and those that hate it. I believe that come Election day the ones that love America will show Hillary the door and say sayonara. - Elric

    1. Just read another page from Scott Adams' blog. I'm now an "adorable deplorable." - Elric

  3. "The nation was founded by innovators who paid wages to build... the railroads..."

    Just one example: A large portion of the transcontinental railroad was built by out-of-work civil war veterans of both armies and Mormons (Christians!) who were contracted to do the hard work.

    "..he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million."

    So, the Wicked Witch cackles an admission that Trump's message is resonating. It's probably the first time in her entire political life she's ever told the truth.

  4. She forgets what happened to the Ditzy Twits.

    You never diss the people who pay your salary.

    1. I prefer Chixie Dicks. :) But your reference is perfect.

  5. She forgets what happened to the Ditzy Twits.

    You never diss the people who pay your salary.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Danged autocomplete.

      Pence, in replying "They are not a bucket of anything" is plausibly-deniably inferring that Clinton is a bucket of something else.

      That will stick in people's mind, too. But that's what happens, Hillary, when you spit into the wind known as Force 9 Donald.

    3. Maybe we're folders of adorable deplorables.

  6. This is reminiscent of Romney and the 47% but of course will not get any sneering outrage from the press. Yet it is exploitable and I hope DT make good use of it. That it was applauded as a statement of fact reflects the Coastal mindset of her support viz: everyone but me is a moral failure in life, living as I do in the golden circle of tolerance and love for others far from the sweltering sty of "middle America", a phrase used on me last year by one of the golden. Of course H was flattering her listeners to get money by including them in her circle for less cash than Goldman or others have had to pay, a gift or discount if you will. HC is offering inclusion in the ruling oligarchy she intends to create, one of power and wealth in reality, but presented as tolerance and virtue to those who might join. A sham creation, like say Whitewater, but attractive to many wannabe be oligarchists who enjoy the shamming life.

  7. How dumb was it of Crooked Clinton to pick an epithet with same number of syllables and the same last two syllables as "Untouchables"?

  8. Watched a video of Hillary summarizing a meeting she had just attended. She seemed a bit listless and her voice was very soft, seemed hoarse to me. She left the stage without taking questions from the press (I assume it was the media) and as she exited she let out one loud hacking cough. I wonder if she has a problem with chronic dry mouth. That could be the result of the medicines she's taking, I presume, but what I've read on-line suggests dry mouth can also be the result of nerve damage from a fall or stroke (or even Parkinson's, which is a curse I'd wish on no one, even Hitlery).

  9. Hey, if we be cruising in a flatbed, looking good, that make us adorable deployable deplorables?

  10. And when she issued her apology for the "basket" comment, she only apoligized for using the word "half". No mention of the "deplorable" part.

  11. She doesn't like us. She REALLY doesn't LIKE us!
    I really (times 100) don't like HER.