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Monday, September 26, 2016

Graph of the day


  1. (Baked crow is best served cold, Nate)

    Stale 2012 obituary, but the thesis is dominant and rarely mentioned in 2016.

  2. That's nice, but I still see only 256EVs on that map...

  3. I trust this guy not at all, but it's a map of how the Lefties see the race right now.

    I'd say he's missing a few blues going red, just about all of the light blues.

  4. Right (2:28 Central Time) now it shows Hillary 50.6% Trump 49.3%. A pair of polls very favorable to Her just got released.

    Regardless, for Trump to take the Presidency this November he will have to get in the range of 55-60% of the popular vote. Anything less will be within the margin of theft. I predict that this election we will see unprecedented voting fraud - not just a few thousand votes here and there to tip a state the "correct" way - but millions of votes. Venezuela here we come!

  5. The leftist media have used such hyperbole in connection with Trump that all he has to do in the debate is not come across like Darth Vader and all the voters with go, "Huh! He doesn't look that scary to me."

    1. Exactly. This was the task for Reagan in '80.