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Monday, September 12, 2016

From the New Yorker

Caption reads: "People wanted her to act more like Bernie, but I don't think they meant the one from Weekend at Bernie's.

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  1. Down on the ground!

    It's a speed-bump! It's a rake!

    No, it's Stupor Girl!

  2. Pickle jar, STAT!

    1. "Spin Control" has taken on a whole new meaning for Team Hillary.

    2. Well, just get her a blue disabled hanger on her front mirror and then everyone will know that she is, in fact, not fit to be POTUS. Who's Next?

  3. The Bernie (Lomax) thing is the worst you can do to her.

    You're really in trouble once people start laughing at you.

  4. I'll believe she's not on death's doorstep when she travels with just one doctor. I'll believe she is in recovery when she travels with no doctor.

  5. When you've lost the New Yorker, the NYT is likely not far behind.
    Incidentally, don't those kids behind the fence look way too young to have seen Weekend At Bernie's? Especially the one with the H t-shirt who seems to be the one talking?

  6. Burge's Law: "Every New Yorker cartoon can be improved by recaptioning "I think I'm going to kill myself." - Elric

  7. If it weren't for husband Bill and former rival Barry holding this "strong, independent" woman up, her campaign would fall flat on its face. She is about to wrest from John McCain the record for the most inept presidential campaign of all time. How is this possible from a woman the Left claims is so experienced, so competent, so politically adept that she is being trounced, once again, by a political tyro? If it happens once (as in 2008), maybe it's a coincidence. If it happens twice, it ain't no coincidence. It's a warning she would be no better leading the country---and the world---than she is at running an election campaign. If she can't deal effectively with a political novice like Trump, just imagine how badly she would do when faced with challenges from the wily Putin or the mullahs of Iran. The arithmetic is simple: Hillary Clinton + Angela Merkel = Total World Disaster.