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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Does the Washington Post prefer Hitler over Trump?

Fearing for his corporate life -- Amazon may come under anti-trust scrutiny under President Trump -- Jeff Bezos has turned his Washington Post into the Bizzarro Post, a journalistic sewer that daily excretes increasingly toxic bilge aimed at Derailing The Donald. The result is a national embarrassment in which the leading newspaper in our capital is less dignified than a streetwalker, and less trustworthy than a Clinton.

Daily there are a half-dozen screeds against Trump as a group madness has taken over. The latest in the string of insanity was this excrement from Shalom Auslander, under the headline:
Don’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler.
One was a psychopath who believed his raving rants. The other is a con man.

Auslander is a trendy liberal writer whose first novel mocks Anne Frank. Oh wait, he was raised Orthodox Jewish, so Auslander can get away with that, right? It's like Harry Belafonte calling any black conservative a House N-word.


From Auslander:
Hitler had some opinions, he had some plans. They were monstrous and evil, and reason enough for even an avowed atheist to consider the existence of Satan. But I don’t recall Hitler flip-flopping. I don’t see him saying one morning, “I’m going to invade Poland,” and then “softening” his stance that afternoon after meeting with Sean Hannity. He didn’t decide to kill the Jews, then change his mind when his new campaign manager arrived. “I said the kill the Jew — singular, one Jew, not all the Jews. Just the bad ones.” Hitler was a megalomaniacal psychopath who should burn in Hell for eternity… who actually believed in something.
There’s a difference. Trump is a two-bit con man. He’s playing the fools.
Got that?

Auslander praised Hitler.

The factory-like slaughter of two-thirds of the European Jewish population (it took 70 years for the world Jewish population to recover) is acceptable because Hitler never flip-flopped?

Shame on Auslander, the Washington Post, and most certainly Jeff Bezos.

And yes, Bezos is responsible for this crap. Totally. We have not seen such Nazi-sympathy in mainstream American media at such a high level since Charles Lindbergh uttered his nonsense. But he uttered that without knowing there would be concentration camps later.

Rhetorical excess has consequences. The Washington Post is normalizing Hitler by pretending Hitler was just a Republican presidential candidate Democrats did not like. A generation now knows nothing about Hitler except it is some name you call Republicans.

Auslander weasels about praising Hitler:
Am I praising Hitler? No. I’m saying that if you absolutely had to find just one thing to say about Hitler that was positive — if you could somehow siphon out all the festering, maggot-infested sewage that filled his soul to reveal one razor-thin sliver to point to in his favor — you could possibly say, well, at least he believed what he said.
No one in their right mind praises Hitler. 

Or Stalin.

Or Mao.

They are animals. Satan. Praising them even one iota is to concede your humanity. The worse-than-Hitler wing of the journalistic insane asylum grows.

Marge Schott rightly lost her Cincinnati Reds over the very same thing, when she said: "Everybody knows [Hitler] was good at the beginning, but he just went too far."

Auslander may win a regular gig as a Washington Post columnist.

Let us cut to the chase, Jeff Bezos runs the Goebbels Post.


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  1. The Washington Post was already a journalistic sewer before Bezos took over. All he did was rip the mask off of the paper's underlying antisemitism for the world to see. Whereas in the past progressives in the media used to feel the need to hide their genocidal hate, today they are out, loud and proud.

  2. Yeah, Big D, I've been contemplating leaving Amazon, just like I've left the NFL. I mean, there are still brick and mortar shops that I can get my stuff from, right?

  3. Apparently efforts to smear Trump by calling him Hitler aren't working because the slur has been so overused it's now devalued, so they've gone one step further to make Trump appear WORSE than Hitler. When Hitler is not bad enough, they need to go BEYOND Hitler. Trump is Hitler^2, Hitler to the infinite power. I can hardly wait until the anti-trust division of Trump's DoJ starts looking into Amazon and Google and Facebook...

  4. Of course, they prefer Hitler - he was a Socialist just like they are.

    PS Dolf vacillated a lot, so the idea he didn't flip flop doesn't hold water.

    Or lime blossom tea.

    PPS Jewish population of Europe in '39 was 11 mil and he murdered 5.5 mil, so it's really half, but Stalin was prepared to take up where Hitler left off, so the Socialists are consistent.

  5. "The result is a national embarrassment in which the leading newspaper in our capital is less dignified than a streetwalker, and less trustworthy than a Clinton." LESS than Clinton? Don't know I'd go that far, but I am getting hints of Volkischer Beobachter.
    The Donald's current success is driving them mad, MAD, do you hear, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

  6. trump is clearly hitler he's followed by all these nazis. you can tell they're nazis because they follow trump

  7. No NFL, NCAA or Target support from me.

  8. Could you imagine the uproar if Trump praised Hitler like Auslander does? The fact that he is Jewish doesn't forgive it. Where is the ADL?

  9. The Goebbals Liberals strike again.

  10. YES
    Next Question
    If you are confused, you really haven't been watching the RATS

  11. Actually Hitler was the greatest of con men. Ask Stalin about June 1941, if you could. Only a few hours before he was attacked he was still faithfully sending freight cars of metal ore west to fulfill the deal he had made with that old reliable believer Hitler, a man who in turn really admired him for his effective methods of suppression.
    The writer says he admires men who are not liers but supports the worst liar in US political history. He has achieved perfect double think, a mind meld much valued by the left in general, and certainly his present employer, and for which he will undoubtedly be plied with gold. Were he alive in Russia in the 1930s I can easily imagine him shooting Kulaks in the head daily as proof of reliability for higher office.
    The stateless super rich are transforming the media into political propaganda tools to protect their corporate creations. Their only "beliefs" are those that are useful to attain their immediate interest.To that end They employ mentally tortured servants, like this man, and at a click profit too. I hope Bezos takes one of his rockets to Mars as soon as possible.

  12. Wapo is DC town newspaper, just like the Nyt is for Manhattan. DC is a company town, the company being the Fedgov.

    Wapo's main purpose is to stroke the egos of its readers, the company's employees. Trump promises to restructure the company (including shutting down Education, Commerce and Energy) and so from the Fedgov drone's point of view, Trump is bad. So Wapo must reflect that viewpoint. Any other point of view would hurt subscription revenue.

    Steve in Greensboro

  13. Holy crap. Are we still on the "Trump is Hitler" thing?