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Friday, September 23, 2016

Did Trump just take Pennsylvania?

Not since Harry Truman in 1948 has a Democrat won the presidency without Pennsylvania. Campaigning in Philadelphia on Thursday, Trump just may

By ordering a Philly cheesesteak.

Ten years ago, Joey Vento put up a sign at his Geno's take-out that read: "This Is America. When Ordering Please Speak English." His parents came from Sicily and they had to learn English. Why shouldn't newcomers?

Feathers were ruffled. Wattles quivered. The Philadelphia Human Rights Commission investigated. However, since Vento never turned down a customer who couldn't speak English, the commission said the sign could stay.

That's free speech? You need the city's approval of your message?

Vento died in 2011. His dying wish was to keep the sign. His son, Geno Vento, still honors the request five years later.

Across the street from Geno's sits its rival, Pat's King of Steaks, which invented the Philly cheesesteak in 1933. Geno's started in 1966.

Trump visited Philadelphia on Thursday.

From Robert Moran:
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump chose Geno's over Pat's during a visit this afternoon in South Philadelphia.
In videos posted on Instagram, Trump could be seen at the order window of Geno's with his son Eric Trump and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway in the background.
A reporter asks if he is getting a cheesesteak.
"I am," Trump says in one of the videos posted by Danielle Olivieri, whose family owns Pat's.
The reporter then asks if Trump will answer some questions.
"I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give you a piece," Trump replies.
"Who wants one?" Trump asks the crowd.
Typical campaign stop. Try the local grub and shake hands.

Except Trump does not make many of those.

Statements? He makes those.

I like this one.


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  1. Link on Drudge says 70% of those arrested in Charlotte had out of state ID's. I wonder how many inner city folks like the idea of out of towners using their homeplace to AstroTurf on in a destructive manner. I'd bet there's some unspoken resentment going to make itself known in the quiet of some voting booths.

  2. Lurch blew it in '04 when he ate a cheesesteak lifted pinky style.

    Not Done.


    Trump gets it. He's probably eaten at more construction sites than most of us have ever seen and is what Kipling meant when he wrote, "walk with Kings, nor lose the common touch"

    1. LOL, when I visited a Philly cheesesteak shop in 2006 the behind-the-counter folks were STILL talking about Kerry and making fun of him! IIRC one said that 'he looked like the press was forcing him to eat a f'ing bug'.

  3. The Donald knows cheese steak politics, and cheese steak optics. This was the obvious choice.

  4. DJT is a man of the peeps, and Typhoid Hillary is a woman of the privileged. This election is over.

  5. hillary down 21 points to Trump in Arkansas! She may get that 50 point spread she was looking for just not in the direction she hoped.

  6. Gonna need to see Trump order ribs before we can tell if he'll win the Bedrock vote.