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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clinton signs are safe

The quote of the day may be in a story in the Berks-Mont News in Pottstown, Pennsylvania -- "Early vandalism of Trump signs a signal of divisive campaign." Of course the headline blames the victim for Democratic Party vandalism.

Press bias aside, the highlight of the story was this:
Here in Southeast Pennsylvania cyberspace — The Mercury Facebook page to be exact — readers condemned the vandalism at Richardson’s house.
They also took the opportunity to voice a few political views.
“Clinton signs aren’t being vandalized because no one feels strongly pro-Clinton enough to buy a sign,” posted Hollis Marzario Weston.
I am still laughing over that.

The only Trump sign around here is over by the Pilot station of the interstate. A bunch of Democratic candidates put his sign on a billboard among theirs. They want to pretend Hillary Clinton is not a Democrat.

They did not do that with McCain (who took 53 of 55 counties in West Virginia) or Romney (who took all 55). West Virginia is the Trumpiest state in the universe. I don't think there is a Clinton sign in the state. Maybe in South Hills and around WVU.

From the story:
“Why are liberals so violent and destructive?” asked Jason Brown.
“Why does the anti-Trump crowd always seem to be the most violent?” seconded EJ Hein.
“I don’t have a Trump sign on my lawn because I know it’ll be vandalized within 24 hours,” posted Phil Stefany.
May be they want them as souvenirs.


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  1. I don't put a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on my car because if I did my car would be keyed by Hillary's Brownshirt supporters.

    1. Ditto here with eggs. I told my bleeding heart liberal pinko neighbor (who was my prime suspect) about it and she laughed and said that's what I deserve. - Elric

  2. Only Hillary would try to triangulate with signs instead of sines.

    1. Chances are she doesn't have a clue what sines are.

    2. Sure she does. They're the things that get all stuffy and clogged when you've got "non infectious pneumonia".

  3. We traveled all over northern Connecticut and hillary signs must have been vandalized or stolen. While we saw many, many Trump signs, the only hillary sign left was "hillary for jail, 2016."

  4. Dems just H8 dissent! And OPPOSITION. I is so buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmed.

  5. The story starts with a man who has bought three signs at $85 a pop. So vandals destroying two gave Donald Trump $170 extra from just one person. These vandals are making Trump even richer.

  6. Lefties are all feelings and most of them are negative.

    Your average Lefty blog has to shut down comment boards whenever something happens to any Republican or Conservative because the tolerant, compassionate Lefties go all Schutz Staffel in their glee at any misfortune of their adversaries.

  7. I'm gonna have another Yuengling and laugh at all the lefty fools. What they don't understand is, their crap is vandalism. When conservatives decide to play, we don't do small ball. We go full Patton on your asses.

  8. A report from outside the Trump Adoring world:
    I've moved from Texas to the Michigan/Wisconsin border (Live in MI, work in WI). This is a rather heavy Dem area(moron union workers who vote as they're told even though it goes against 80% of what they actually believe) Russ Feingold ***spit*** is trying to get his seat back. Anyhow, there are plenty of Dem signs (Russ for Wisconsin as an example) but I only see a few for Hillary. Many yards full of local, state, and senate signs of the fool dems running, but very few have the Presidential signs. One with the older, pre-VP sign has gone suddenly empty (that was the only political sign in the yard) as well.
    Not a large amount of Trump signs either, but I see more than for Hillary. Many of the Trumpian signs are also Pre-VP, but many of those have both the newer signs with them, and several have homemade ones too (those being the ones who actually think Trump is a conservative, and will be any effing good). Sadly, with the move, it looks like I will have to lower myself to vote for the egotistical, habitual lying, vindictive, big gov't loving, Rights hating, leftwing nutcase, over Hillary, the Lying "Libertarian" moron, or the Watermelon with no brains.

    1. Is that you Ted, posting under a moniker?!!

  9. I live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle - The bluest neighborhood in a deep blue city.

    In 2008 and 2012 there were Obama/Biden bumper stickers on all the cars and Obama/Biden signs in lawns and taped to house windows. (The closest thing to a R sticker was the classic "Republicans for Voldemort" on one car.) Many of those Obama/Biden stickers are still on cars.

    Earlier this year there were Bernie stickers and signs everywhere. Still are some Bernie stickers on cars.

    Now: Two Hillary signs in lawns in the entire neighborhood and NO Hillary bumper stickers. Nobody is willing to show their pride in Hillary as a candidate. They're not going to vote for Trump, that's for sure, but they're not going to tell their neighbors they're for Hillary.

    And why a couple of signs but no bumper stickers? 'Cause it is easy, after the election, to take the sign from your lawn.

    And that's the way it is, Capitol Hill, Seattle. Over to you, Don.

    1. Been there, Mercer Island, great steamed clams downtown, water skied on on Puget, didn't get eaten by a shark, and then saw Jaws in an old skool theater where about 800 women shrieked at the bad scenes. One of the most intense trips of my life...at 17! Seattle is cool, but I don't dig rain, brother...good luck out there. WA will clearly go Hill but we'll work with ya once we win..,

  10. I live in Colorado, north of Denver (no, not Boulder - never ever Boulder)and finally today saw 2 Hillary signs,still more for Bernie. And yes, we here would not dare put a Trump sticker on anything less than an M1A1 tank.

  11. In my neck of the woods (NY Hudson Valley) you can tell the Trump voters by the American flags hanging in their windows or on their porches. And there are plenty of them.

    Good luck to Donald tonight!

  12. I live in New York, about 60 miles north of Manhattan and I have not seen a single sign, sticker, or shirt for Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton but Trump signs, bumper stickers, and T-shirts proudly worn by young people, are plentiful. Did I mention that this is New York? NOBODY here likes hitlery.