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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Cillizza today vs. Cillizza 2008 vs. Cillizza 2013

Chris Cillizza writes some of the dumbest stuff in Washington. My book includes this passage:
On February 26, 2015, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post asked, “The real question is not whether Trump will run or not. The real question is why any of us even care.”
That was not the dumbest thing Cillizza wrote in 2015.
On Wednesday, beclowned himself on Hillary's health.

From Cillizza:
Within seconds of my post arguing that talk of Hillary Clinton's health problems was totally without merit going live on Tuesday, conservatives on Twitter — it's a micro-blogging site — immediately seized on a piece I had written back in 2008 about John McCain's health as an issue in the campaign. Here's one of the tweets I can print in this family blog:

In response on Wednesday, Cillizza said the two things were different.
Here's the thing: We are talking about — and I am/was writing about — apples and oranges. Sure, it's easy to ascribe the difference in coverage to personal bias. Easy — and wrong.
Rewind back to the 2008 presidential campaign. And remember that McCain, if elected, would have been 72 years old — the oldest person ever to be elected president. Had he served two terms, McCain would have left office at 80.
Yes. Different. She will soon be 69. He was 72.

So Hillary's health is off limits, according to Cillizza -- except he wrote this on January 2, 2013:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be on the road to recovery from a blood clot near her brain caused by a concussion she suffered several weeks ago in a fall at her house.
"The secretary is making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery," said her physicians.
That's good news.
But, even if Clinton has no long-term effects from this health scare, it will, without question, influence how she is covered if she decides to run for president in 2016.
Here's why.
1. Clinton would be 69 years old if she runs in 2016. (Her birthday is Oct. 26, 1947.) That's the same age Ronald Reagan was when he was elected president in 1980. Reagan remains the oldest person ever elected president. (John McCain was 72 when he ran -- and lost -- in 2008.)
2. This is the second time in the past 15 years that Clinton has had a blood clot issue. The first episode, which was significantly less serious, was in 1998 when she was treated for a blood clot in her leg.
Add those two factors up and it's clear that Clinton will have to answer lots -- and lots -- of questions about her health if she decides to get into the next race for president.
Since then, we see that she cannot make it up steep stairs without aid, has a chronic cough, and according to what she told the FBI, her memory is faulty due to that fall.

But we cannot talk about her health.


Oh, and what was the dumbest thing Cillizza wrote in 2015?

From the book:
“Among Republicans—you know, the people who decide the identity of their party’s presidential nominee—Trump has a net negative 42 rating. As in 23 percent of Republicans had a favorable view of Trump while 65 percent(!) had an unfavorable one. Want even more? Compare the number of Republicans who feel strongly favorable to Trump (11 percent) to those who feel strongly unfavorable (43 percent). No one in the field is anywhere close to those numbers; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the only candidate other than Trump to have higher unfavorable than favorable ratings among his own party,” Cillizza wrote.
“And it’s not even (or only) his brutal image problems that doom Trump. Just one in ten Republicans (11 percent) have no opinion of him. So, Trump is both extremely well-known and extremely disliked by the members of the party he is running to represent.
“You cannot and do not win anything when your numbers look like Trump’s. I can’t say it any more clearly than that. There’s nothing you can say or do—not that Trump would ever even consider going on an image rehabilitation tour—to change how people feel about you. Republicans know Trump. And they really, really don’t like him.”


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  1. The Dem beclowning continues...

  2. "We are talking about — and I am/was writing about — apples and oranges"

    It all depends on what your definition of apple or orange is, Chris. Most of us can tell the difference. Why can't you?

    People like him (Juan Williams is another) make it clear they will say anything and do anything to bend the truth, to ignore the truth, to straightforward lie in order to roll a gurney carrying the rotting, stinking carcass of Hillary over the threshold of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come next January.

  3. Forget the Duck Season / Wabbit Season debate, it's Dumbass Journalism Season. And talk about a target-rich environment.

  4. Cillizza is Italian for "linguini spined journalist"

  5. Too bad he never wrote about the net negative rating of the Empress the Democrat party crowned without any backtalk allowed.

  6. McCain's age was an issue because of Palin, whom many of us liked,but did not do well on the national stage. The age issue did not do him in but it remained alive because of her. I never heard of Cilliza until I found him slowly roasting on a page of Don's fine book. I'm sure he was first in line to receive the branding iron from his new Master, probably front and back at his request.

  7. Again, I don't think she had a concussion. I think the cerebral venous thrombosis was the primary event which caused her to be disoriented and possibly fall. She was admitted, got a CT which showed swelling, a working diagnosis of concussion was used, she did not improve in the expected time frame and an MRI then showed the clot, which was then attributed to the concussion, which she never had. The concussion diagnosis was kept by her physicians because it covered their tracks and by the Clinton team because a spontaneous VTE such as she had would be much worse in the eyes of the public. She probably has a genetic hyercoagulability condition, which she has not been tested for, because of fear that the result of the testing would leak into the public sphere. That is why she is on chronic coumadin therapy.

  8. This may be correct

    1. Any way you call it, she is not right in the head.