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Friday, September 02, 2016

Bored housewife seeks presidency

Peggy Noonan vacillates like a little Irish Catholic girl in Brooklyn trying not to offend anyone anytime. This week, she is sort of pro-Trump.

From Noonan:
It was a weekend night. I was at one of her rallies in a high-school gym in a handsome suburb. It was well-organized—good lighting and security, a buzzy crowd. Mrs. Clinton was introduced and she bounded out—blue pantsuit, well made-up, high-energy, pointing out friends, real or imagined, in the crowd. I thought: Give it to her, she’s 60-something, she’s out in America working the room, making the speech, enacting the joy, when she could be home on a Saturday night watching TV.
Then it struck me. If she weren’t here, she’d be in an empty house in Chappaqua, N.Y., the focus of no eyes—not important, not glamorous, no aides or staffers. I thought: She needs to run, it’s this or reruns on Bravo. I thought: This is why you pick up that there is no overarching purpose, theme or mission to her candidacy—because there isn’t. There is only her need—not to be powerless, not to be away from the center. It’s not The America Project, it’s The Hillary Project.
You see that a lot in politicians, but not always those running for president. That night I think I saw it in her.

Hillary is Bobby Byrd in 206 when he was seeking his seventh or eighth term in the Senate, arms flapping like wings from his "benign tremors" as his staff called it. Actually it was his ninth term.

Noonan went on to dump on Trump. Has to. She's with the Wall Street Journal and Rupert Murdoch has not bestowed the coveted Designated Trumpkin slot upon her.

But Noonan nevertheless unveiled Hillary's unstated vulnerability on policy: she has nothing to offer the American people but her lies, greed, and fear.


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  1. I've always thought of Peggy Noonan as the world's oldest high school valedictorian. Her articles always read to me like valedictorian speeches.

    They display the worldly-wise view of an 18 year old high school graduate, not that of a former presidential speechwriter.

    Mark S.

  2. I've really had to up to here (point above your head) with the constant unrelenting ripping of Trump, while news of Hillary's latest breach of the law comes out almost daily.

    Enough, media clowns. You look ridiculous. Focus on what is important, and rampant sleaze, pay to play, running an auction on our national security and interests, money laundering, selling access to foreign governments, etc., ranks PRETTY DAMN HIGH on the list of what is important.

    Let's go. Up your game, and that includes Noonan, who I admire but her squishyness in times like this is unsettling. The country we grew up in is slowly disappearing while some of us argue about Trump's word choices and manner. It's beyond stupid.

  3. "If she weren’t here, she’d be in an empty house in Chappaqua, N.Y., the focus of no eyes—not important, not glamorous, no aides or staffers."

    Ms Noonan gets a couple of things wrong besides the glamorous (you must be joking). First, the hangers-on would still be there, much like Goebbels in the bunker, second, Willie would be there because he has no place to go, either.

    And that's their just deserts - having to share a house and the next 10 years or so looking at each other with nothing but what might have been.

    PS "a little Irish Catholic girl in Brooklyn little Irish Catholic girl in Brooklyn"

    If you think little Irish Catholic girls, in Brooklyn or anywhere else, spend their time trying not to offend anyone anytime, you don't know the Micks.

  4. But then again we see John McCain at 80 yrs old running again for his what, his 7th term?
    That will make him 86 should he survive that long.
    McCain is a prime example of why term limits should apply to politicians...and yes I am sure there are many of them out there who lack the imagination to see themselves functioning beyond the Beltway.
    A very poor reason to be going through the motions of representing your constituents and country as a whole when in fact one is avoiding the inevitability of irrelevancy in the hopes of staving off reality.

    Washington is broke and some.

  5. The folks in the media bubble really don't get it, how many people out here really dislike and distrust them, and the harder they push, the more they make me root for a Trump win, purely out of spite. And I already wanted him to win anyway, now it's double.

    Their influence on how and what we are supposed to think has been very damaging, and (along with Washington itself, Hollywood, etc.) has led *directly* to the rise of Trump.

    If they were half as smart as they think they are, they would understand how that works, and their role in it. Instead they wail and complain, 24x7, about Trump.

    Ditto Goldberg with his panties in a bunch about the "alt Right". Meanwhile Hillary sells access to foreign governments and actively supports the divisive and violent BLM movement, sowing obvious chaos and costing several cops their lives just in the last few weeks. Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but law and order and *not* ginning up race wars based on obvious lies is much more important than any pure ideological movement composed of people who argue online and do *not* advocate violence but want to defend their culture, history, and future for their children. Are some of those folks racists? Sure. Racists exist all over the world, in every color and ethnicity. If we're going to use "some of your group is racist so we need to purge you" as the new guideline, we've got A LOT of work ahead of us. Start with the worst offenders, the race-baiting left. That's what a real effort to purge racists would look like.

    1. You first purge the "raaaaacists", then the "raaaacists", then the raaacists, then the raacists; then the "racists", then the ones you "suspect" are racists, then the ones that "could be" racists, and so on until you are the only one left. With no friends. With nobody who will be seen with you. WORD: Don't Go There!

    2. Forgot to mention, I gave up on Peggy some years ago.

  6. Peggy Noonan? She's still alive?

  7. Hillary would be at home watching TV? C'mon, Noonan, she and the raunchy hustler she's married to could be out in the wilds of the Hamptons doing charity work with the down and out poor people on behalf of the huge Clinton Foundation. Why else are they taking all that dough from the world's oligarchs? Like Jimmah Carter, they could be out building houses for the homeless, maybe in Haiti, or they could work with Oprah to build schools in Africa (the charitable aid cesspool of the world and play thing of the idle rich), or they could launch a war against female genital mutilation and honor killings among the heathen Muslims. There are PLENTY of things she could be doing that would improve the world and at the same time be better for her health than running for office.

  8. "Bobby Byrd in 206"

    He was old, Don, but not THAT old, surely.

  9. Peggy Noonan has been dead to me ever since she supported Obungler in 2008. That showed just how poor her judgement is.

  10. If THAT'S the only think Noonan sees when she looks at this corrupt, dishonest, unhealthy, and sociopathic liar, she shouldn't even be a pundit. Her observation skills have gone to hell.