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Monday, September 05, 2016

Battle of Ohio

That's Cleveland.

Cleveland, Ohio, not Cleveland, West Virginia.

Meanwhile, a little further southeast in Canfield, Ohio, population 7,515.


  1. I know Ohio. My wife is an Ohio girl. So are a bunch of her family. They're all Trump people. Ohio won't even be close.

  2. Trump has a huge crowd, and the post ends with a period.

    Clinton has a clown's car worth, and the sentence ends with an exclamation mark.

    There's a moral in that, Charlie Brown.

  3. You are about to witness a crime.

    While the Speaker holds the crowd's attention, her confederates pick their pockets to raise campaign finance and to pay for the standby defibrillator.

    American Dispossess. Don't leave home without her.

  4. Saw some tape of Hillary speaking, or should I say coughing, today. Looks like crap.

  5. ^^There's a moral in that?

    What, take off your Democrat kneepads before the camera is running? Don't talk when you're busy kissing Hillary's hem?

  6. Is she gonna come dressed in an oven mitt or in a housecoat covering her pajamas?

    1. I used to think she dressed that way because she had no taste in clothes, but now I think it's because her brain really has gone AWOL and without Huma's constant oversight Hillary is likely to wander off into the street dressed in her nightie and slippers.