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Friday, September 16, 2016

Al Gore will save Hillary

As her overheated campaign powers through pneumonia, the smartest and now healthiest woman alive has turned to Al Gore to rescue her campaign from the Deplorable Donald Trump and his basket of supporters.

From New York magazine:
The New York Times reports that Clinton staffers have been in talks with Gore aides about the former vice-president hitting the campaign trail to emphasize the point that she’s the candidate most dedicated to combating climate change — and to make the case against voting for a third-party candidate.
“I can assure you from personal experience that every vote counts,” Gore told the Times via email. “The stakes are high for so many Americans. So I will vote for Hillary Clinton and I strongly encourage others to vote for her as well.”
The news is a bit of a surprise, as Gore was one of the last Democratic figures to throw his support behind Clinton; he officially backed her with a tweet on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention. Politico reported last fall that they have a complicated relationship stemming from rivalries in the Clinton White House and the 2000 election.
Best news Trump had today that did not involve a poll showing his rise.

Mercilessly mocked on South Park as ManBearPig, Gore represents the Global Warming Scare that a young generation of voters sees as government hype. In an anti-establishment year, here comes another Washington insider to support the Queen of Insiders. Gore would mean that the Democratic nominees in five of the last six presidential elections are campaigning for Hillary.

Meanwhile, Trump is out there on his own, scorned by polite society -- and drawing thousands of enthusiastic supporters to huge rallies day after day after day.

The Bushes hate him. Romney hates him. And depending on what the polls say, McCain hates him.

Voters love him.

Rolling out a magillionaire (a public official who magically is worth millions) to warn voters against voting Third Party is a great strategy for Democrats because those nagged voters now won't Third Party.

They'll vote Trump.


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  1. Will all his chakras be in alignment?

  2. I wonder what she is paying ManBearPig for this? He hates the Clintons so he has to get something for supporting Hacking Hillary.

  3. A reminder of tyranny from thirty years ago, Al Gore and his spouse Tipper tried to destroy freedom of speech by coercing the music industry to censor music. Remind the youthful voters about that.

  4. And Donald Trump rickrolled the media. He said he would make a big announcement, they came to the new Trump Hotel in DC, he got endorsed by MOH awardees and flag officers and then announced that Hillary started the Birther thing and he, Donald Trump, ended it; and that Obama was born in the USA."

    End. No questions.


    -Mikey NTH

  5. Just got a E-mail from Oregon Senator Smerkely
    that "Climate Change is our biggest national security issue today."
    When Al had his "Global Warming tour" and his
    Minions out to scare people thye showed up in Coos Bay frightening the proles with the
    specter of Coos Bay being Malibu in '"10 years or less"- for some reason that didn't bother anyone.
    11 years on and there isn't any change...
    Nothing between Coos Bay and the Aleutians
    but a few ship masts...

  6. Aww, not the climate change boogeyman AGAIN!

    Don't blame it on the moonshine
    Don't blame it on the uptight
    Don't blame it on the Clinton crimes
    Blame it on the boogeyman.

  7. Yah, that's a winning issue for Hitlery, climate change. Go for it, Dems, climate change is right at the top of every voter's list, above flat incomes, not enough full time jobs, terrorist attacks IN the homeland, border issues, crazy clowns roaming the woods. Trump focuses on one big issue and has a simple message for voters. Hillary can't make up her her mind what her campaign message is and spouts some vague slogan that no one can fathom what it means.

    So what does she and her brilliant, generously paid campaign staff think she needs to kickstart her dying campaign once again? You guessed it: yet another campaign issue, another message on top of the other ones that people are tuning out in droves!

    This is what a Hillary presidency would be like, dear God, she'd be lost in the desert for 4 years and wandering aimlessly in circles trying to reach the promised land. I didn't think it was possible, but when it comes to running an election campaign, she is way more incompetent than John McCain, and that is saying a lot.

  8. Go, Hill, GO! Do the Climate-Change Hustle!

  9. To borrow an old line from show biz: everyone hates him except the public.