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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

32nd Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Readers continue to graciously post reviews of "Trump the Press" and I continue to re-post them here. The latest from Old Timber Growth:
Worth Every Penny
Helps enormously in putting current political news/polls in perspective.
Holds the "experts" their own words...for being so wrong.
Great fun.
Buy this book.
Follow Don's blog for terrific daily observations.
Thank you. This is very encouraging, and I need it. Still no decision on a sequel. But reviews do push me, because I cannot let so many people down.


  1. Maybe it would be nice to have a follow-up along the same theme for the general election. You could collect all the info you need, put it together, and have it ready for the printers a few weeks after all the results are in. Or wait until after the inauguration and also cover all of the leftist bomb threats of the various celebrations around the country that are bound to happen. I was at a GWB inauguration celebration that had to be evacuated after he beat Kerry. No conservative presence on the net so to speak then. No press coverage.

  2. I hope you do write the sequel. I am addicted to my Kindle, but I promise to buy the sequel instead of the Kindle version.

  3. Big D, lemme put it to ya this way. You've already enriched our lives with Trump The Press. I just gifted a copy this afternoon to a friend who came up - we had a jam session, ukulele club, he he - and she's made over 10,000 calls for Trump since last summer. You don't need to worry about letting us down. Please don't. Pretty sure we got this, and you played a part in it. But if The Muse gets into your ear...well, dude, you can write your ass off, so you just park your dupa on the chair in front of the com pew tee and let your fingers do their work. S'all good, bra...