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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why you should believe the polls

Some Trump supporters are in denial. Trump is down in the polls. Hillary is measuring drapes at the White House, according to the Washington Post.

These are good things that will help Trump win in the autumn.

Before I delve any deeper into this subject, how about that ballgame at Camden Yards in Baltimore on Friday? The Orioles hit four home runs in the first inning.

From WJZ:
Tonight, August 19, the Baltimore Orioles became the first team in MLB history to homer four times before recording an out.
Center fielder Adam Jones started it off with a home run into left field in the bottom of the first.
By the end of the first inning, the Orioles were up 5-1 thanks to third baseman Manny Machado hitting a home run over a 410-foot sign in center field, first baseman Chris Davis smacking his 28th home run of the year, and Mark Trumbo notching his 36th home run.
So they are happy in Baltimore.

Who won?

Oh Houston clubbed them like a baby seal, 15-8. Jose Altuve had another monster game for the Astros.

But Baltimore made history, and that is all that matters.

So the polls show Trump down 5-1, and he changed campaign managers and ties again, hitched up his slacks, and began talking and acting presidential. That's what he needs to do. This election is a referendum on Donald Trump -- and that is exactly what he wants.

Some supporters are anxious. The Brothers Hoft at Gateway Pundit are blowing on the kindling hoping it catches fire.

Drudge linked, "What’s Wrong With Her? Hillary has No Campaign Rallies Scheduled on her Calendar."

She held 11 rallies, drawing 14,500 in the first three weeks of August.

He held 24, drawing more than 130,000.

That's nice, but it's August. It's hot. He likes to rally. She doesn't.

Wishful thinking will not elect Trump.

Or Hillary.

From the Washington Post article linked above:
Her campaign’s to-do list includes assembling a Cabinet that has women in roughly equal numbers to men and that otherwise reflects American diversity, and lobbying has intensified for those and scores of other jobs that Clinton would fill in her administration.
Some Clinton boosters remain concerned that, with an election focused so heavily on Trump’s deficiencies, she could enter the White House without a clear mandate. But Clinton’s team is hopeful that a trouncing of her Republican opponent in November could soften the ground for a robust set of proposals that could be implemented both with and without congressional action.
“There’s nothing like winning to change minds,” Clinton said this month.
Winning is nice, but she has not won a single Electoral College vote yet.

Still, ignoring the polls is foolish.

Time for Trump to bend it like Altuve.

Hillary made history. Now to win the ballgame. It's on him. We're just the fans in the stands.


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  1. The Electoral College might as well book 5 for DJT today. Because Hillary doesn't stand a snowball's chance here in WV. Ok, so the early scoreboard reads Trump 5, Clinton 0. Yay.

  2. I actually think DJT is hanging back, just staying in striking distance. Can you imagine the MSM attacks if he were ahead right now. The big push will come in a few weeks.

  3. We may just be fans in the stands but we can actually help be supporting the candidate: working with local RNC/GOP groups at locating potential voters and convincing them to vote. Taking people to the polls. It's not only on Trump, it's also on us.

  4. I'd like to see Trump making it mostly about what Hillary's done badly, and has avoided doing.

  5. The issue is, what polls to trust. The ABC/WaPo had a sample of 33% Demos and 23% Rs.

    And we're supposed to buy that?

  6. The polls now are irrelevant. I ant to see the ones in October after Wikileaks and Guccifer release their final hacks of Clinton docs.

  7. I still say I'm waiting for The won to shoot her in the knees in early-mid October.

  8. What concerns me now is state polls. The election is, after all, in the states. I hope Trump continues to improve!