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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Trump can recover, Hillary cannot

ABC News reported, "Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity reached a new high in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, putting her on par with Donald Trump among registered voters."

Whoa. Trump should be partying in Cancun instead of meeting with the Mexican president because we know two things from last year: He can recover, she cannot.

This report comes from a poll by two media outfits that are heavily vested in Hillary's election. Left out of the story is her previous lows. From an earlier ABC story on its previous polls: Her "personal favorability was as low as 44 percent in April 2008, during her presidential run; she also dropped that low in June 2003, when she was discussed as a possible candidate in the 2004 presidential race, and in June 1996, during the Whitewater controversy. "

Her favorables in this poll are at 41 percent -- her all-time low.

She's fallen and she cannot get back up.

Among registered voters, her favorables fell from 46 percent a few weeks ago to 38 percent now. Trump rose from 36 percent to 37 percent.

Among white voters (75 percent of the vote), he is at 44 percent while she is at 30 percent. Among non-whites, he is at 17 percent, she is at 62 percent.

He can recover. He did so last summer among Republicans. As quoted in my book, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post said on the day Trump announced his candidacy:
“Among Republicans—you know, the people who decide the identity of their party’s presidential nominee—Trump has a net negative 42 rating. As in 23 percent of Republicans had a favorable view of Trump while 65 percent(!) had an unfavorable one. Want even more? Compare the number of Republicans who feel strongly favorable to Trump (11 percent) to those who feel strongly unfavorable (43 percent). No one in the field is anywhere close to those numbers; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the only candidate other than Trump to have higher unfavorable than favorable ratings among his own party.”
And yet here we are.

Trump reversed those numbers among Republicans because he is an affable fellow. He likes people.

Hillary despises others and treats anyone in uniform like dirt. Frau Blucher in "Young Frankenstein" was more friendly, and she was so hated that a horse would whinny at the sound of her name.]

The statistic that proves it: "August Totals: Trump Spoke to 200,000 Supporters – Hillary Spoke to [SNIP] 10,000 people."


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  1. At least Frau Blucher wasn't a lesbian. Did you know Gene Wilder had died?

  2. The WSJ today threatened to endorse a third party candidate given the flaws of the two majors, Murdoch's way of absolving himself from responsibility, I guess, if HC wins or loses as he not so secretly gives her backing. I choke as I write this but the NYT is more honestly corrupt than the WSJ. It will endorse Clinton in the same way it did Carter, saying that even though she is incompetent she has better intentions than her opponent. I cannot recall so much fear of a man by the ruling class. For that reason alone Trump deserves to win.

    1. Yes, having all the "right" people hating him is a wonderful endorsement.

    2. better to judge a person by his enemies than his friends. Cicero claimed Caesar won the Civil War because he was willing to befriend anyone who was not against him whereas his opponents considered anyone not with them worthy only of death and plunder. Trump is a conciliator, not a hater, unlike his opponents.

  3. I hadn't thought of Frau Blucher, more like Frau Blofeld.

    Look at this and tell me you can't see Mrs Ernst Stavro nagging the head of SPECTRE when he's going to do something about that pain in the ass from MI6.

  4. The Mexican photo op will seal about another five points for DJT. He looks presidential. Hillary looks like she's about to make another call to 911. This race is over. Donald by 31, popular vote.

  5. Frau Blucher, Don?

    Whenever someone mentions Hillary, I think of Jane Russell.

    But it doesn't help. I gag anyway.

    1. Neighhhhh!
      But with a touch more fingernail on chalkboard.
      Nice article on PJ Media about the Frau Blucher gag. The non banality of Young Frankenstein.

  6. I think as much of a jerk as Trump can seem, he clearly cares more about America and American citizens than Hillary. Hillary seems to care only for herself. It shows.
    And Gene Wilder was awesome. So was Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein and game shows. And Teri Garr can be my president anytime she wants to be.