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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What passes for a reporter at the Washington Post these days

I was so intrigued by these tweets that I wanted to find out who Abby D. Phillip is

Turns out she is a Washington Post National Political Reporter. who covers Hillary Clinton.

Here are some of her tweets.

So that is how you cover Clinton -- by reporting only flattering things about her, while mimicking the latest Hillary memes against Trump.

She's covering all right.

She's covering Hillary's seat.


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  1. Just part of the LibDem narrative that Shrillary is inevitable, along with skewed polls showing her beating Trump by 7-8-9 points. The idea is to demoralize the Trump supporters so they don't turn out to vote on Nov. 8. Same tactics were used against Reagan and GHW Bush. According to the skewed polls Carter had a second term and Dukakis was elected President.

  2. I keep saying, they are not reporters but propagandists. Insty nails them by calling them Dimocrat operatives with bylines. And they feel no shame about being propagandists. As I also say, Goebbels would be proud of them.

  3. It's becoming harder and harder for them to accomplish their goals with subtlety the way they used to. Back when there were only three networks and a monopoly daily paper they could carry on a pretense of objectivity with a slant and subliminally influence people whose lives did not give them a too overt contradiction to what they read and saw. Besides, when every argument is an appeal to authority and there is no other authority available, people tend to accept what they are told, even when their personal experience disagrees with what they are told as they understand that their experiences may be different from that of others. Dunning-Kruger effect and all that. In other words, they could lie to us and get away it. Things are a little different now. Breitbart: We have the internet. We can fact check your ass.
    That's why people are making jokes about Khizr Khan now instead of commiserating with him. https://mobile.twitter.com/doloyeung/status/760024462469259264
    The adaptation of the Democrats with bylines has been to turn up the volume. Like talking to foreigners with a louder voice is going to make them understand. It works just as well, and has the same effect. They end up looking like clowns and fools.

    1. In most places, when there were only three networks, there wasn't a monopoly daily paper.

      Yet. By the 90s, it was so and that's Where Cacklepants makes her mistake. She thinks it's still like 25 years ago.

  4. "So that is how you cover Clinton -- by reporting only flattering th": I presume the last word is "things"?
    Hillary's "unofficial" Ministry of Propaganda plunges on thru the waves.

  5. More people are on to the lamestream media's propaganda, and recognize that the Compost and others are the communications arm of the democrat/clinton crime syndicate. Look at that hillary rally, 250 people? How many at a Trump rally? 20,000? and the media tells us hilLIARy is ahead in the polls. Right...... the media have become the same kind of congenital liars as the clintons and the democrats. How do you know if obama is lying? etc...

  6. and I think old Warren Buffett has lost his marbles and is ready for the funny farm.

    1. If he thinks he can quote Joseph Welch and get away with it, he has.

  7. Of course, Hillary has Buffett in her corner. Her stance against the Keystone pipeline allows Buffet's trains to keep rolling along.


  8. Dr Goebbels smiles.

    His children have learned. How well has yet to be determined.

  9. Wouldn't be surprised if the WaPo reporters put those flowers at the grave site themselves.

  10. I tend to judge web sites by the quality of their comment sections. Some are amazing. The worst by far, though, I find at online newspapers. I presume that the papers' smarter readers are long gone. This broad may be a perfect fit for the Post's remaining customers.