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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Washington Post scooped

The mainstream media is dead. Long live the small streams. Compare these two items.

From Circa.com:
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a huge donation to Louisiana flood victims Friday during his tour of the state.
According to Church International pastor Greg Crawford, Donald Trump donated 70,000 lbs. of goods.
Items included water, diapers, blankets, school supplies, cleaning supplies and non-perishable food.
From a Washington Post reporter:

Hillary -- net worth $150 million -- with a "charity" worth another $150 million -- gave nothing.

By the way, Trump's move echoes Ted Cruz bringing water to Flint, Michigan, this spring.


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  1. He is the Post reporter covering the Trump campaign. He knows people in the campaign. All he needed to do was ask someone who knew. He purposely asked someone who didn't know so that he could get a negative answer. It's the same thing as implying that world war two never happened because you go around asking people if they saw it personally. You could easily walk up to several people to confirm your bias. For this particular person to do this is as evil as it gets. Where's my guillotine?

  2. I see from the last picture at Circa.com (of Obama on a golf course) that The Won appears to be in (or very close to)the rough.

    Around here, the WaPo "don't get no respect"--because they've thrown it out the window, the second story window, by being willing henchmen of the Democrat party.

  3. Newspapers? My canary died.

    1. You don't have a puppy in training?

  4. I love WaPo's ad tag line...If you don't get it, you don't get it. That is as perfect a piece of snobbery as I will ever hear. Pure smug liberalism, proudly displayed. Those people are mentally ill and need to be committed to St. Elizabeth's.

  5. Curent meme among the left-wing bloggers is Trump brought an 18-wheeler filled with Play-Doh. They found one picture with him handing someone a box of Play-Doh and figured that was all he brought. Dummies.

    1. Of course, it fits their narrative. Same crapola on FB. Each and every time some dolt posts the photo; I respond with this video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-fF-Cxhz_E

  6. The opening debate line of every lib I used to know was "You are not (so stupid, a red neck, ignorant,moron,foolish,imbecile,cretin) as to believe THAT, are you?" They know what's right you know, they just do because they are special and have always been told they were by fellow specials. I in fact share much DNA with such a person.
    One of the most successful men( young too) I know in finance says he spends most of his time trying to disabuse graduates of the big schools, sent for placement consideration in his unit, that they are not given special gifts of insight because of IQ, test scores, or academic honors. Being only mostly right in his judgement requires a harsh objectively gained only from experience. He told me he fires those who cannot learn this simple idea almost immediately so as not to waste time and effort, like selling a dog who won't hunt even if the kids like him.
    In this case though the "journalist" is just a gofer for his Bezos branded editor and cannot be faulted. He will go far at Amazon.

  7. I just read that Trump's donation was ~$100,000. There ya go Wa(Com)Post, put that in your pipe and smoke it -- and report it. I dare you

  8. I just read that Trump's donation was ~$100,000. There ya go Wa(Com)Post, put that in your pipe and smoke it -- and report it. I dare you

  9. Conservatives are generous with their own money. Liberals are generous with other people's money. Red states give more money to charity than blue states. Fact.