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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Washington Post is ugly, dishonest and isn't changing a thing

The Washington Post headline screamed:
Trump’s ugly and dishonest new TV ad shows he isn’t changing a thing
I invite readers to view the ad and show me where it is ugly, racist, misogynist, nativist or any of the other pejoratives used by kneejerk reactionaries in Washington.

When it comes to ugly and dishonest, there is no better example than the Washington Post under the "ownership" of Jeff Bezos, who is absorbing the newspaper's massive losses as a means of obtaining influence in DC lest someone in the antitrust bureaucracy decides to go after Amazon.

Greg Sargent bylined what can only be described as a Hillary press release:
The new ad is filled with precisely the same sort of dark, dystopian themes and content — and even some of the same sort of grainy, dark footage depicting illegal immigrants as invaders — that marked one of the first ads he ran during the GOP primaries.
Of course, illegal aliens are invading the country. They are here uninvited.

The daily drivel against Trump by the Washington Post reach boring months ago. They portray a man who can do no right.

More from Sargent's take:
Trump’s first general election ad depicts the main problems facing the country as illegal immigration and terrorism, featuring dark, grainy footage of illegal immigrants streaming into the country while vowing to “Make America Safe Again.”
In one respect, the new ad also goes further in its demagoguery than the original GOP primary ad did — it claims that the border is “open.” Broadly speaking, the new Trump ad echoes some of the ugliest elements of the picture Trump’s convention speech painted of what ails America and what must be done about it — a speech that may have further alienated some of the voter groups he needs to expand his appeal among if he is to turn around his slide.
The real demagogue in this race is Hillary Clinton who portrays the nation under attack from a vast right wing conspiracy that wants to drag the nation back to the 19th century. Her real agenda is to sell out the nation for a few million bucks.

There really are two Americas -- the one that produces and builds things, and the confederacy of sloths who feed off them.

Guess which side the Bezos Post is on.


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  1. Yes, some lawyer please sue Amazon and and the movie studios for fixing the prices of new movie releases just like they sued Apple and the book publishers for fixing ebook prices. They also forced Redbox to stop renting new releases for several months or lose their access to DVDs at wholesale prices, a clear example of price fixing.

  2. I have gotten a belly full of this anti-Trump lying and bulls***t from the mainstream media. They have been at it long enough and it's time for them to knock it off. The people of this country are on to their communist and anti-American propaganda and they are going to start being held accountable for this. Their job is supposedly to report news, not work as communist agents to destroy our country.

    We're making a list. Checking it twice. We'll guillotine every one o' them lice.

  4. hillary already did her millions bit as secretary of state. She wants the presidency because that is worth BILLIONS!

  5. "lest someone in the antitrust bureaucracy decides to go after Amazon."

    I have been writing posts for the last 6 weeks saying the DoJ anti-trust division needs to be resuscitated and should launch anti-trust inquiries against Amazon, Facebook, and other bastions of the Hillary supporting Left-leaning billionaires. Do I use Amazon? Yes. Do I benefit from their huge inventory and (often) lower prices as the national market place? Yes I do. But is it one of those traditional monopolies that become commercially too dominant for others to compete against and wield too much political influence? You bet it is. The EU is now considering anti-trust allegations against Amazon Europe. The US should do the same.

  6. I am starting to believe that the NY Times, CNN, and Bezo's Bozos have overdone it and those that were undecided are starting to see the blatant bias. It may just be counter to their Socialist cause