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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Two more Amazon reviews of "Trump the Press"

These new reviews should be reviews number 22 and 23 but Amazon says there are only 21. Two reviews went AWOL. Nevertheless I appreciate the kind words from Jackie Chiles and John Schmidt and re-post them.

From Jackie Chiles:
This is an important book and will remain so long after the election. The rise of Donald Trump and the failures of the media, consultants and the political (ruling) class are well documented with facts, quotes directly from them and research. All with a touch of humor.
Gotta love some of the chapter titles - "A Cause Without a Rebel", "Send in the Clowns", "Schlonged", "Better Call Paul", etc. give a hint to the biting wit effectively used in the book as well. For example "Republican strategist Rick Wilson, whose advice was so valuable that none of the seventeen Republicans running for president hired him, predicted doom and gloom". Passages like this were spread throughout the book. I had a smile the entire time I read it.
Finally, the book gives some insight into who Donald Trump is, using sources such as his high school classmates.
Thank you Don Surber for an important and excellent read.
And I thank you for reading the book and the review.

From John Schmidt:
Don Surber, in his excellent book, provides an excellent first history of how Donald Trump seemingly came out of nowhere to clinch the Republican nomination for President. As the title of the work implies, the political press and experts who denied Trump's chances during the primary season, are pivotal characters and protagonists in this work. The author, by using their own words against them, shows how clueless are political and media class were in regard to the Trump campaign and his appeal to regular Americans. One leaves this work believing that a final chapter is yet to be completed in November.
Thank you for the wonderful way to start the day.


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