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Monday, August 22, 2016

Trump's race to win -- and he is getting there

The bleeding stopped last week for Donald Trump. He switched generals, switched tone, and switched attacks. He's going policy now, not personalities.

On ABC on Sunday, RNC chairman Reince Priebus told Hillary flack George Stephanopoulos: "I think he's had a great week, I think he's been on message, he's shown maturity as a candidate. I think that he's getting into a groove. I think what you're going to see is these polls beginning to tighten in the next couple weeks, and by Labor Day or thereafter I think you're going to be back to an even race if we continue down this path,"

What won in spring training against 15 or 16 lightweight Republicans will not do in the World Series against the Clinton machine, whose money, experience, and total lack of scruples will put Trump to the test. Plus the media -- led by Clinton campaign manager Stephanopoulos -- is relentless in its pursuit of Trump, and not the truth. If the media pursued the truth, Hillary would be in prison and Obama would be in the Illinois senate.

But that's the game and you play the hand dealt. Don't whine like a little girl. The Donald holds the trump cards in this one, and he is figuring out how to play them. Rookie candidate.

Dan Balz of the Washington Post, where saying anything positive about Donald Trump did an end-run around the rule by saying something mildly critical of Her Majesty.

Balz wrote:
Trump’s advisers think that on balance the week was positive, the best of the month. They now hope they can begin to shift the focus to Clinton and, if they’re successful, the polls that show her leading will narrow. That assumes two things: that Trump won’t create more controversy in the days and weeks ahead; and that voters will ultimately see her vulnerabilities as more disqualifying than the many liabilities that Trump has revealed during the campaign.
Clinton’s assets are well-known but so, too, are her vulnerabilities. The polls have showed that many voters see her as a politician who plays by a different set of rules or is prepared to bend the rules in her favor. She has been criticized as overly defensive when challenged, slow to acknowledge errors and legalistic in explaining herself. She prefers to shield herself from more questioning from the reporters who regularly cover her campaign, having not held a full-fledged news conference for more than 260 days.
Yes, a different set of rules -- just like Al Capone had. The only difference is Capone couldn't buy off the FBI.

Over at CNN, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski enjoyed the departure of Paul Manafort, the man who pushed Lewandowski out.

From Lewandowski:
Look, sometimes, you have to bring different perspectives in. sometimes you have to change things. particularly in a campaign that in the last three or four weeks have missed in my opinion, opportunities to go after Hillary Clinton for the failures of her campaign and to point out those failures. I think what you have now with Kellyanne Conway is a messaging expert, someone who will relay bullet points to Trump about some of the issues at the Clinton campaign.
Finally, Scott Adams:
What we saw this week was Trump directly, and skillfully, addressing the public’s concern that he’s scary and temperamentally unfit for the job of president. This week he was less bombastic, more on script (using the prompter), and he said in clear language that he was on the side of all Americans, rejecting bigotry and hatred in all forms.
People needed to hear that.
One of the neat things about America's electoral process is that a president has to go out there and convince people he is the best choice to led the country. In a parliamentarian system, Reince Priebus would be the nominee.

Or Mitch McConnell.

A good week for Trump.


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  1. Dan Balz is a resident up here at The Woods too! DubVee will do that to ya...make you reexamine your previously precious DC beliefs. Might have to buy the guy a beer the next time I see him at the Clubhouse Grille!

  2. It seems that as more dirt comes out about Hillary more folks are leaning toward Trump. By election day he should have things sewed up. - Elric

    1. Good call bro. The drip drip drip is continuing. And she and King Barack's decision to wait on visiting NOLA was just bad.

    2. First a drip and then a torrent: the FBI recovered nearly 15 thousand emails from Hillary's server that were never turned over to the State Department, putting the lie to her claim that she had turned over all her work-related emails to the State Department. The court has ordered those emails to be released to Judicial Watch as part of the discovery process in their law suit against her. Maybe we'll find out her receipe for lasagna, or maybe we'll find out how much dough her bag lady, Huma Abedin, collected as part of the pay-to-play scheme the Clinton Mafia ran out of the State Department.

  3. “…many voters see [Hillary] as a politician who plays by a different set of rules or is prepared to bend the rules in her favor…”

    Translation: Hillary is a felon.

    “…She has been criticized as overly defensive when challenged, slow to acknowledge errors and legalistic in explaining herself.

    Translation: Hillary is a liar.

    Steve in Greensboro

  4. The trip to LA was genius, and resulted in Obama throwing Hill under the bus.

  5. Yep; The Donald aced them out there. Telling blacks they know the Dems aren't helping them, so why not give him a try,well, that's sneaky gooooood.

  6. Those fits Hillary has are really something you want in someone in charge of the launch codes.

    I wonder what they'll pump Hillary full of prior to a stressful debate? Other than prune juice.

  7. This was all baked in the cake, no big flip.

    Manafort was there to get him through the campaign like Lewandowski through the primaries. Now the guys for the homestretch are in, as always planned.

    He's run 3 campaigns, one for each phase. That he's doing policy is merely because now people will start paying attention.

    1. Precisely. Scott Adams said essentially the same thing. This is Act III of a most familiar story.

      Act I - the hero starts on a quest.
      Act II - he is tested mightily, looks destined to fail.
      Act III - summons an inner strength and triumphs.

      Trump has also pulled off a trick that is sheer genius. He has the opposition convinced that they are smarter than he is. Eisenhower and Reagan did the same to great effect.

  8. I'd bet big money that Wikileaks and Guccifer are saving their "best" ammo against Clinton until October when it will be too late for her to do damage control.

  9. Hopefully, Gucifer and Wikileaks will not "commit suicide" before they release their ammo.