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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trump will hurt down ticket

From the Washington Post:
The Democratic Party’s national Senate campaign arm has canceled more than a week of television ads that were set to run next month in the key battleground of Ohio, where former governor Ted Strickland (D) has struggled to gain traction against incumbent Sen. Rob Portman (R).
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had reserved advertising time on Ohio TV stations starting Sept. 13. Now, according to political ad trackers in both parties, the national Democrats won’t launch that campaign until Sept. 22.
Portman is up an average seven points in the pols. Yea, that Trump is really hurting the party.

What else is new? The experts are wrong about everything this year.


  1. He has about 90% support among Rs and is string with Indies and Demos.

  2. I think a lot of Trump's coattails can easily be attributed to Obama, The Cunt, and the dancing dindus.

  3. Trump is catapulting Bill Cole over Jim Justice.

  4. Didn't Mellenkamp write a song about this?

    1. Mellencamp is a really stupid rich communist who happens to be a most accomplished asshole.