Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump says what his critics should be saying

Trump via Breitbart: “She thinks she’s above the law. The truth is, she lies. She’s unfit to serve in the oval office. The Clintons have had their time on the stage, but now it’s time to close that chapter in the history book and open a brand new beautiful chapter.”


  1. This election's over. Her Thighness is cratering while Donald is unleashing attacks that Patton would be proud of. As I tell my Prog friends, EVERY game is an away game for us when it comes to MSM coverage. You just ignore the hostile crowd and hit jumpers. Listen for the silence, Coach Roy Williams once said of his experiences on the road right before a win. We're reaching that point right now. Media capitulation. Big D called it. This race is over. Trump by AT LEAST 110 electorals.

  2. She's pretty damned sure she is. I still think The Won gonna smack her down in October.

  3. Normally, I can't stand women crying, but I'm willing to make a single exception for Hillary come November.

    Cry me a river, baby!

  4. Libtards are always prepared to make an excuse for the Clintons' unethical and illegal behavior. "There's no proof Hillary actually did anything to benefit those who contributed to the CGI in order to meet with her," they claim in defending her against charges she was running a criminal pay-to-play enterprise out of the State Department. That's the problem with the Clintons. If this were a one-time thing, you might say, sure, it looks bad but there's no obvious quid for the quo. But with the Clintons, they are ALWAYS embroiled in one scandal or another. There's no way a truly ethical couple, even in the Gomorrah that is DC, can be so perpetually up to their necks in political and financial doo doo as the Clintons. These two are as corrupt and unethical a pair as has ever darkened the halls of the US Senate and the White House. Anyone who is so lacking in judgement that they would want to see them return to the People's House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. come next January, knowing what it would mean for the nation, is as immoral as they are.

    1. They'll make excuses for any of their slugs in office.

      The means justify the end.

      Always. Uncle Joe told them so 80 years ago.

  5. Prosecute. Any Prosecuting Attorney who refuses to go after Hillary should be disbarred. - Elric