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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trump the news

A few news items the national media ignored.

From Penn Live:
It was the last question of the night.
Mike Pence had been fielding a handful of questions from audience members at a town hall meeting at Lancaster Host Resort on Aug. 9.
Then Zack Mongeillo took the microphone. He asked Pence if he would work to help pass Right to Try legislation in Washington, D.C. if he and Donald Trump were elected.
After telling Pence that his father was dying, Mongeillo was overcome with emotion and unable to continue. Pence left the stage to comfort him.
As there was no money involved neither grifters Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine would not have offered the kid even the time of day. Right to Try is correct, by the way.
Oddly enough, dozens of hecklers get into Trump rallies. Only one got punched and that man was arrested.


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  1. Some of the SJW's are getting arrested for their assaults on Trump supporters.

  2. That item about Pence is getting a lot of attention.

    And nice to see the crazies are getting busted.

  3. I'd never heard of Right To Try. Good on Pence.