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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump and black crime victims

Of late, Trump has talked about victims of black crime. He knows of what he speaks. Remember eight years ago when the ex-brother-in-law of actress and singer Jennifer Hudson killed her mother, her brother, and her nephew?

From Access Hollywood on November 11, 2008:
In the wake of her family tragedy, Jennifer Hudson has received a helping hand from a very unlikely source – Donald Trump.
Jennifer and some of her family members have been staying at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago – and Trump has been picking up the tab.
“They are safe,” Trump told People on Monday night. “She’s a great girl and we’re protecting them well.”
The article said she was despondent and in shock.

Judge a man by his actions, not words. Trump may not quote Bible verse, but he sure as heck got the message. In my book, I cite a few of his many acts of charity of Trump over the years: keeping a family from losing its farm in Georgia, paying off the mortgage of a man who stopped to change the flat tire of his limo, and promising to pay for college for the son of Miss Wisconsin USA 2005, who is terminally ill.

Clinton uses charity as a front to launder bribes from dictators.

But Hillary can open a jar of pickles so vote for her.


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  1. The dog that didn't bark.

    Our betters in D.C. are too busy trying to disarm the general population to worry about any kind of crime. Especially since they are so busy committing their own crimes of the most egregious kind against the citizenry. - Elric

  2. Lifelong Democrats ‘Trumpocrats’ break from Democratic Party to vote Trump in 2016

    ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

  3. "But Hillary can open a jar of pickles so vote for her."

    If she can get up by herself without anyone's help from a sitting position on the floor, I'd be more impressed. Under those baggy tent-like affairs she wears, I'll bet she's wearing a Life Alert signal device. Personally, I hope she does us all a favor and wears a Do Not Resuscitate bracelet.

    1. Don't know about the Life Alert, but I reckon all the ambulances within a ten-mile radius of Hillary have a hermetically-sealed wooden stake with the instructions "In case of vampires, rip tape and apply".

  4. Blacks and Hispanics are the twin horses Clinton rode to power. As soon as she has no further use for them, she'll sell them to the glue factory.

  5. That message is resonating.

    And I'll bet the Demos are panicking.