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Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump acts presidential, while Obama golfs

President Obama picked a fight with Trump in 2011 at the White House Corrupt Correspondents dinner. Trump let it slide. Who wants to be indicted? This summer, Obama resumed the feud. Bad advice.

Getting in a feud with Trump is dumb. You will lose. Rosie O'Donnell went from the Queen of Nice to the most hated celebrity not named Mel Gibson. Megyn Kelly just fell to second in her time slot to Rachel Maddow.

Trump today made Obama look like the milquetoast, un-serious, anti-American knave that he is. While Obama golfed at Martha's Vineyard as if he were some Gilded Age Loafing Trust Fund Baby, Trump stumped in Louisiana.

From Keith Koffler:
In a brilliant maneuver perfectly timed to complement his campaign revamp, Republican nominee Donald Trump today landed in Louisiana to witness first-hand the devastation wrought by flooding not seen there since Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast in 2005.
Trump’s arrival on the scene helps him on a number of levels. Most importantly, it provides a dramatic contrast to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both of whom have neglected to visit a region where more than a dozen have died and tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes.
Trump’s move to see for himself the plight of disaster victims lends him a presidential aura that critics say he has been lacking due to off-the-cuff remarks that have, at times, sounded as crass and immature. Obama, the actual president, has responded absurdly, refusing to budge from the Martha’s Vineyard golf courses where he is playing nearly daily with celebrities and wealthy friends — even to issue a public statement, let alone visit the unfolding tragedy.
Though the press has barely noticed, Obama's performance is demonstrably worse than that of George W. Bush during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, when Bush at least broke off his vacation and attempted to show some compassion by flying over the area to witness the devastation. He then actually landed on the scene a couple of days later to check up on the relief effort and offer moral support.
The press reports tonight likely will dismiss Trump's visit as politics, and while it is politics, don't dismiss it. People in other states notice, not only Obama's absence, but the lack of concern by the press. This further discounts the press's moral authority,and weakens the ability of the press to slam Trump. Failure to note something very positive about Trump disqualifies his critics.

From Jim Hoft:
Trump was greeted like a rock star.
One woman told Donald Trump, “We knew you’d be here!”
From Alex Pfeiffer:
Trump and Pence were also seen helping unpack a truck with supplies. The two have visited homes and a church damaged by the flooding. Trump told one man who had a damaged home, “you’re going to rebuild. It’s going to be so beautiful.”
Clinton has not visited Louisiana and wrote on Facebook, “I just got off the phone with Governor John Bel Edwards in Louisiana. The flooding there is bigger than anyone expected—more than 40,000 homes have been damaged and more than 100,000 people have been affected.”
“My heart breaks for Louisiana, and right now, the relief effort can’t afford any distractions. The very best way this team can help is to make sure Louisianans have the resources they need,” Clinton added. President Obama is currently away on vacation 
Remember dress for success from the 1980s?

This is Act Presidential.

Not talk.


Grown-ups know the difference.


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  1. When Bush flew over the Katrina flooding he was "Heartless" even though it was widely mentioned that his landing would have caused massive distraction and tie up needed rescue & supply lines - but suddenly more than 10 years Hillary finally figures it out.

  2. Command Authority- as defined by my old chief pilot in the Aerial Firefighting business:
    "It is simply this. Make a decision. right or wrong,but at the moment, make it!- act.Indecision
    will kill YOU!
    Get rid of the load, feather a prop, you might not have needed to, but you are alive."
    I have not seen this either from our"FORE" father
    or Bloody Hill.
    Trump on the other hand...

    1. Along the same lines...Clinton says her heart breaks for Louisiana.
      I am so freaking tired of the "my heart breaks" meme the politicians and newsreaders are beating to death lately. You're in a position to do something.
      Hillary: Open the coffers of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Send some aid.
      News Stations: Send some money.
      Hollywood and entertainment types: Buy some relief supplies or provide money to a charity besides the clinton crime family foundation.
      In other words:

  3. "The press reports tonight likely will dismiss Trump's visit as politics"

    They won't even mention it. They assume if they don't report it, it didn't know, tree falls in a forest, no one to hear the sound, etc. Well it did happen and thanks to the Interwebz, we know about it. I looked at the Web page of my local newspaper, which is the house newsletter for the Democratic Party here, and true to form there's no mention of Trump's visit to the flooded areas, just as I expected. Instead they link to a couple of negative Trump articles straight from the NYToilet paper. This is a perfect example of why I refuse to buy a subscription to the paper and each year yearn for its speedy demise.

  4. I hear that Mel Gibson used to like combining movies with golf, but the usherettes kept confiscating his ball.

  5. This is worse than Katrina but the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party won't cover it because there is a Dimocrat governor and a Dimocrat president. No one to blame. Where is FEMA and W. Craig Fugate's Waffle House Index? Is FEMA even there yet? Bush and Mike Brown were being roasted by the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party by now. You're doing a heckuva job Bammy. Prez Hussein did take a break from his golf game for one night for a fund raiser. Didn't mention the floods in Louisiana of the fires in California. Why bother? Louisiana ain't gonna vote for Crooked Cankles anyway.

    1. Instead the Feds found time to issue an insulting warning that there should be no discrimination in the provision of aid to flood victims on the basis of race, etc., etc., citing delays in the rescue of blacks from the rooftops of their homes. Give me a f*g break. As I recall, during Katrina the assistance went both ways, white to blacks and blacks to whites. And moreover, the African-American community was resourceful and resilient under the worst imaginable conditions, despite the failures of the local authorities. Even when people are hurting, the Obama administration manages to find a way to inflict even more pain. Thank heavens there are only 153 days left until Obozo leaves the White House for good.

  6. "This further discounts the press's moral authority,and weakens the ability of the press to slam Trump." It's difficult to discount a moral authority of ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP, and NADA.