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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Today's diversion from Hillary's ties to terrorism

At a rally in Kissimmee, Florida today, the Clinton campaign placed in a postition of honor behind Hillary Clinton the father of the Muslim terrorist who gunned down 49 people in a night club in Orlando.

To divert attention, Hillary's flying monkeys in the media totally distorted a line in a Trump speech to create a nontroversy again.

What Trump said:
“Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Though the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know.”
Obviously, he meant vote. But just like with the baby last week, Hillary's Flying Circus of Media Types turned teh quote inside out in their House of Mirrors.

From the New York Times:
WILMINGTON, N.C. — Donald J. Trump on Tuesday appeared to raise the possibility that gun rights supporters could take matters into their own hands if Hillary Clinton is elected president and appoints judges who favor stricter gun control measures to the bench.
From Politico:
Congressional Black Caucus Chair G.K. Butterfield demanded that Donald Trump retract his statement Tuesday that “the Second Amendment people” may have some recourse if Hillary Clinton appoints a Supreme Court nominee.
From NBC:
Trump 'Second Amendment' Quip Seen as Veiled Threat Against Clinton 
Another reason I stopped watching the Olympics.

That's the first step.

Step two comes when Former Conservatives like George Will admonish Trump for saying things the media will distort.


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  1. Yes. It is definitely Trump's fault when the media tell lies about what he hasn't said. Just like Palin. All her fault.

  2. The crew on The Five on Fox was/were complaining on how Trump was 'forcing' them to comment on this non-story instead of talking about 'what they'd like to talk about' because....well just because. One good thing about this election is that it has weaned me off of various blogs (NRO, Hot Air, Ace, PJ Media (outside of Glenn, though his co-bloggers are pretty bad....but it did turn me on to Don Surber's site....so a net win for me in both content and time spent.

    1. I just looked at Ace today. He seems to be deciding not to commit suicide, at least not yet. Coming around. I'm afraid Reynolds is letting his money boys decide what he says. Besides, libertarians always shoot you in the back rather than go over the top.

    2. Wow. That's a great post. Almost feel like I wrote it myself.

      If anybody believes Her Shakiness is actually going to win, well, give it up. This thing is over. The Media paints a picture that is more amateur than a 3 year old's. The adults are about to come back in charge. About time.

    3. With the departure of Roger Ailes, FOX will be moving left, slowly at first so it will hardly be noticed, then more openly, a step at a time. The drift leftward has already begun in response to the complaints of sexual harassment.

  3. "To divert attention, Hillary's flying monkeys in the media totally distorted a line in a Trump speech to create a nontroversy again."

    No, their real goal is to intimidate Trump into silence, in effect to pressure him to stop campaigning. It's another version of the madness that SJWs use to intimidate people who do not agree with them by making it personally uncomfortable to participate in any public discourse.

    1. Not gonna work. The Donald Strikes Back. The Donald Rides Again. The Valley of The Donald. Beyond The Valley Of The Donald.

  4. "House of Mirprs." Mirprs?

    Media, DO NOT FIGHT THE POWER OF TRUMP. You have not the strength, physical or mental. You MUST do as he commands. MWAH-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

  5. They are throwing everything they can at Trump from the media to the GOPe. We are seeing the true colors of the RINOs who have been screwing their constituents for years. Trump has the nomination and the GOPe consultants like Rick Wilson have come up with a "Republican" candidate to run third party. We now see all of the weasels exposing themselves. If Trump wins there are a lot of consultants who will never find work again. And that's a good thing. Who really wants to listen to consultants who ran McRino's and Mittens Romneycare's campaigns? They are incompetent parasites.

    1. Correct, Denny. DJT is fundamentally transforming the Republican Party. Although, ugh, that phrase still makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Time for a Tums.

  6. I knew instantly where this was going. The MSM
    circles the wagons around the Weasel Queen,
    yells "Squirell" and back fills as fast as they can...
    Trump will not be intimidated..
    TG McCoy

    1. TG, right on. If anybody has seen The Blair Witch Project and seen Heather with tears and snot running out of her nose....that's Hillary and the media. A beanie cap in the dead of night.

  7. As if no one ever said, "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."

  8. I just shake my head at the stupidity of some people. Yes, I mean the Dems, Press (same thing), talking heads (most of them), Trump haters (all of the above) and lastly the Republican elites that will never get my vote again. Twist, twist.

  9. From Urgentagenda.com: "OH, I SEE – The Clinton campaign has now explained how the father of the Orlando mass killer wound up seated behind Hillary Clinton at a Florida rally, in full view of TV cameras. The campaign says that he was never invited, and that the campaign was unaware of his presence until he was identified by a TV reporter. The father, Seddique Mateen, later gave a full-throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton in a television interview. The Clinton camp has not disavowed the endorsement. I wonder why. Maybe they're afraid of offending the parents-of-terrorists vote."