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Saturday, August 20, 2016

This is what fascism looks like

Video from a Minneapolis Star-Tribune photographer.

UPDATE: From a Minneapolis Public Radio reporter.

Proud Never Trump?


  1. And with no shame or sense of irony, blaming Trump, they write fascist headlines like "Sorry, liberals, a violent response to Trump is as LOGICAL as any" and "Donald Trump roiled Minnesota politics."

  2. First step for the new Trump Administration: the deNaziification of the Left.

  3. Trump should demand that Hillary disavow these physical attacks on his supporters. The Left is always demanding Trump disavow the support of the KKK, not that he ever asked for it. Do unto others as they do unto you...but twice as hard. (The last part is the Obama corollary to the old saying)

  4. The Left is long overdue to get a pounding at the ballot box, and their media lapdogs in their purses.

  5. The Brownshirts of the left as they call the right Nazis. I don't see any violent protesters from the right at Crooked Cankles rallies.