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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Khan game

U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan was killed in Iraq in 2004 when a car blew up after he told his troops to stand back. He took 10 steps forward to check out the suspicious vehicle himself, saving the lives of the soldiers he supervised.
He received the Bronze Star posthumously. Twelve years later, his death and bravery are the center of a political maelstrom as Democrats, Never Trump and the media try to bring down Donald Trump.

Born in the United Arab Emirates on September 9, 1976, Khan graduated from the University of Virginia and became a post 9-11 enlistee. His father, Khizr Khan, emigrated to the United States from Pakistan in 1970. Troubled by press accounts of Trump's call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants (later amended to bad actor countries) Khizr Khan wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post denouncing Trump.

Just as Republicans invited Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, to their convention to speak out against Hillary, Democrats invited Khan to speak out against Trump.

Here was the Washington Post's account of Smith's speech:
Smith hasn't had that kind of audience before, and some in the media were quick to differ with her account of her son's death. NBC's Richard Engel, for instance, offered this:
"To hear this grieving mother -- and you could only sympathize with her grief -- to lay the blame directly at Hillary Clinton, saying that Hillary was responsible for her son's death -- personally responsible -- it doesn't correspond with the facts as I know them and as I've read them in subsequent investigations. And it does seem to be a manipulation of someone's grief and going to a very dark place."
As our own Fact Checker has written, other family members of those killed in Benghazi have disagreed with Smith's account that Clinton, in her conversations with them, blamed the attack on an anti-Islam video.
Of course, the Obama administration two months ahead of the decision on his re-election effort panicked and blamed a You Tube video.

Smith is a grieving mother who blames Clinton's incompetence for her son's death.

Khan is a different case. He objected to Trump's policy proposal, telling the DNC:
If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America. Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims. He disrespects other minorities; women; judges; even his own party leadership. 
He vows to build walls, and ban us from this country. Donald Trump, you're asking Americans to trust you with their future.
Let me ask you: have you even read the United States Constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words 'liberty' and 'equal protection of law'.
Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America.
You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.
Trump pushed back. Yes, Khan's son's sacrifice to the nation was tremendous. Trump had nothing to do with Captain Khan's death. If anyone did, it was Hillary as she voted for the war. Why is the father angry at The Donald?

Trump told Channel 6 in Columbus, Ohio:
“When you have radical Islamic terrorists probably all over the place, we’re allowing them to come in by the thousands and thousands. And I think that’s what bothered Mr. Khan more than anything else.”
Now all of DC -- liberals and Never Trumpers alike -- are dumping on The Donald for not treating Khan as a person with absolute moral authority.

How did the press greet Smith? By trying to discredit her through a "fact-check."

There is a pecking order in Liberal Land. Cindy Sheehan has absolute moral authority. Khan too. But not Smith.

I noticed a bunch of RINOs are upset over Trump's reaction. They were triggered. They need a safe place. I recommend the Democratic Party.

Maybe Trump should have let it slide. After all, Smith has had no impact on the political stage and I doubt Khan will either. Those ditching the Republican Party over this nonsense were just waiting for the right moment because that is what drama queens do. As Chris Christie said to the school superintendent who threatened to leave New Jersey, I'll help you pack.

The Republican Party nationally failed the American people. Democrats too. Both parties sent men and women into a war that they had no intention of winning. That was Vietnam. Then they sent men and women into another war they had no intention of winning. That was the Gulf War. Then Afghanistan. Then Iraq again. That is what Khizr Khan should object to.

Such gross negligence deserves firing. But the people in Washington try to cover their mistakes with these Khan games, and other diversions. It's always a You Tube video's fault, never a woman who not only failed as Secretary of State but who failed as a First Lady.

I trust on November 8, the American people will tell Washington: You're fired.


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  1. This was some super fine screedy goodness!

  2. I'm in agreement but these poll #s got me worried

    1. Skewed, just like last time.

      This is battlespace prep. Make people think it's hopeless so they won't bother voting.

  3. Khan stands to lose big bucks if Trump's hold on Moslem immigration goes through. Make that known and he is on the defensive.

    1. His paychecks depend totally on Muslim immigration.

  4. "smears the character of Muslims"? You go Drama King. Your son was killed 12 years ago, where we you then? Where are your criticisms of obama and hilLIARy? If it was up to Trump, we never would be over in the middle of that military mess that bush, obama, hilLIARY and the rest of those chickenhawk idiots created. Trump is just pointing out that muzzies are a bunch of backward, violent savages and that they should not be in this country. A lot of people agree with him. This whole 'controversy' is a tempest in a teapot manufactured by useless media turds. Go home you annoying mouthy little grifter.

  5. As for Mr. Khan, I think somebody should be checking his bank account. It may not be a one time one million deposit, maybe an installment plan...

    Otherwise, to Trump people I say, just chill. We've still got over three months to the general. That's an eternity in prez politics. And after the next mass murder by ISIS, this episode will look just butt trifling.

  6. Khan is Muslim Brotherhood.

  7. Mr. Khan is a front and hatchet man for Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood. Some posters at American Thinker have done some digging:

    - Elric

  8. So Khan is a phony and insider. OMG, I am so shocked. The democrats and communist media in on ANOTHER con and lie. These people lie and scheme and cheat and steal all day long, and in the evenings dream of lies they told that day and will tell tomorrow.

  9. So Khan is a phony and insider. OMG, I am so shocked. The democrats and communist media in on ANOTHER con and lie. These people lie and scheme and cheat and steal all day long, and in the evenings dream of lies they told that day and will tell tomorrow.

  10. I trust on November 8, the American people will tell Trump: You're bat-s__t crazy. You are right Don, the impotent Washington DC crowd can't bring Trump down. No need to, Trump is showing post conventions that he is perfectly capable of self-destruction. He needs no outside help.

  11. I have concerns that are beyond Khaaaan!
    and the Dems efforts to derail Trump.
    1. Mosul-our military leadership has stated we
    aren't ready to liberate the city from ISIS.
    The administration is relying on Iraqi troops
    to carry the brunt with not enough firepower.
    No Iron Horse Division, 2nd Marines, 82nd Airborne, ISIS big shots are getting the hell
    out of Dodge. Arming the ones that are left.
    "Small village up ahead Col. Custer, shouldn't
    be problem." This is telegraphed as a benefit
    victory to Hilliar , no it won't...
    2.ISIS is not going away Europe is on its Knees
    -if they don't fight back...
    3. There will be an attack soon Rio most likely
    we should have an Marine Attack carrier off the Coast. Big trouble and nothing will happen until
    it is too obvious...

  12. Trump made Kahn relevant. This whole discussion is solely on Trump's shoulders. He should have kept his trap shut on the issue. Why is no one talking about Patricia Smith? Cause Hillary didn't make her a headliner. Not even Trump can escape public scorn when you belittle the parents of a deceased and decorated U.S. soldier and the more Trump tries to win the debate, the deeper the whole he digs. The day after the RNC convention, what was Trump talking about ... ?bringing down Ohio Gov. John Kasich and bad-mouthing Ted Cruz. Hillary has gone from being "crooked" to "the devil." You Angry White Man cant get enough of Trump, I get it. But the people are growing tired of his shtick. Polls are bumping in her favor once again. Hillary is lying through her teeth about what she is going to do as Prez. but it sounds great and makes her electable. Trump is showing more and more he is quickly losing the grip on the intense media spotlight he brought on himself.

    1. "Trump made Kahn relevant."

      Before I will put the "blame" on Trump, I will have to hear or read exactly what Trump said about Kahn or Kahn's son to know if Trump made Kahn relevant, or whether this controversy was entirely fabricated by the media. To be honest, I haven't actually seen what Trump said, and Don's excerpt above is insufficiently informative in that regard.

      But your larger point is well taken. Trump tends to strike out at the least provocation and respond to distractions that take him off his message. He cannot afford to do that. He needs to focus like a laser on the unlikable "Crooked" Hillary Clinton. Trump can expect Clinton and her agent provocateurs to start attacking him from all directions in order to needle him. If he over-reacts to each attack ("release your tax returns, Donald!"), as they expect him to do, his campaign will become a shambles. Trump should not respond to attacks that the Dems will use to turn his campaign into a media circus. He has his own surrogates who can respond for him, and he can use his VP running mate in other cases to speak for him.

      The Dem strategy is to get under Trump's skin with a different accusation every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If Trump is impetuous enough to respond to every one of their slights to defend his "honor," he will veer off message. Trump is the only one who can attack Hillary for her incompetence, her criminality, her venality, to show the American public why she is unsuited to be president. The media will not do it for him because they are on her side. If Trump gets distracted by the tiny pin pricks the Dems have in store for him, his ABC, Anybody But Clinton, message will get lost. Focus like a laser, Donald, use The Force.

  13. We are now seeing the true colors (as if we hadn't already) of Kasich, Ryan, Graham, and McRINO as they rag on Trump but are totally silent about Crooked Cankles lying to the Benghazi mothers and then calling them liars. That's where their outrage ought to go. They actually want Crooked Cankles to win. They are a disgrace! They are traitors to the party they claim to belong to. I hope Ryan loses his primary.

  14. “Maybe Trump should have let it slide.” Trump started this campaign by taking the fight to anyone who attacked him. Maybe he learned from watching W go down in flames as a consequence of listening to rove. For two weeks after 9-11 W had hit close to 90 favorability rating. The dems realized that if that stuck they would never win another election. They started lying, calling W every name in the book and rove told W to not fight back. “Take the high road.” After 7 years of the dems and the media disparaging him W left office with his favorability rating in the teens. How successful was “let it slide” to him?

    There were two things I thought when Trump started his campaign. 1, finally a republican who fights back. NO ONE else running would ever do that, not one of the other 16. And, 2, I never expected Trump to stay in the fight. I thought he would provide back bone for the others. But, he won. Now is not the time to change strategies. Fight back.

    If Trump had not fought back no one would know about khan’s affiliation with muslim brotherhood, his ties to the clinton crime foundation or the affect of selling visas on his income.

    1. "If Trump had not fought back no one would know about khan’s affiliation with muslim brotherhood, his ties to the clinton crime foundation or the affect of selling visas on his income"

      But will any of this background information on Khan make it into the MSM? You know it, I know it, but will the independent voters who watch ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news broadcasts know it? Or will the network TV viewers be shown ONLY Trump's rant and not what prompted it?

      The Dems are going to paint Trump as having a temperament that's unsuited for the presidency. The biased media will try to use his reactions to Khan-like affairs to carry Hitlary across the finish line by taking Trump's words and actions out of context and not presenting the full picture. He should not fall into the trap they are setting for him. And don't forget, the Dems are desperate to keep Hillary hidden from view, to avoid having to show how unlikable she is, how shrill she is, how far left she is, how corrupt and contemptible she is. Above all, they want the press to focus on Trump so people forget to ask, Why is the press not asking hard questions of Hillary? Why is the press letting her skate? Why don't they call her on her many lies?

      Let Chris Christie or some other Trump surrogate go after Hillary's political suicide bombers like Mr. Khan. There will be more of them. Trump needs to have a better strategy for dealing with them. When it comes to dealing with political campaign "terrorists," he sure doesn't want to look like the failure Obama is.

      170 days until Obama leaves office. But who's counting?

  15. "But will any of this background information on Khan make it into the MSM? You know it, I know it, but will the independent voters who watch ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news broadcasts know it."
    Actually if you scan those news sites, you will see that everything being hurled at Mr. Kahn from nutcase Trump supporters is nearly 100 percent false or grossly misleading.
    If Mr. Kahn's alleged Muslim Brotherhood is the cause of Trump's outburst - as you suggest - then why hasn't Trump himself accused Mr. Kahn of all these so-called affiliations?

  16. I managed at last to find a transcript that purports to be full account of the "awful" things the media claim Donald Trump said about the Khans, and I see nothing Trump said can be construed as an offensive personal attack on the Khans or their deceased hero son. In fact, what Trump said on air is far less offensive and demeaning than what Khan himself said about Trump as an invited speaker at and then following the Dem convention.

    So this entire contretemps that has the media undershorts in a twist is what I thought it was: a fabrication of the Hillary press, ginned up to (1) annoy Trump to get a reaction out of him, and (2) agitate liberal voters, especially Bernie Sanders voters, who find it hard to "warm" to the ice queen Hillary Clinton.

    Also, Trump has now issued orders to his Army of Donalds to pivot away immediately from the distractions of the Khan affair, just as I recommended. Use The Force, Donald, use The Force.

  17. I have no idea how to combat it, but I sure get tired of the media's phony "talking points" always being the basis of discussion.

    It's like the phony 'assault rifle' stuff. Civilians don't have assault rifles, though many police do, and the military does. No crimes are committed using 'assault rifles' but that's all we ever hear about. Gotta ban those deadly 'assault rifles' that commit no crimes! The reason, of course, is that the so-called 'journalists'- 1/have no idea about weapons (and don't want to know) and 2/don't want to talk about the real reasons for murder, assault, or crime in general. That's no excuse!

    I reckon it's past time to start decorating some lampposts with 'journalists' just to encourage the others to learn to use a dictionary, or to talk to people who actually know the facts they are unaware of!