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Monday, August 01, 2016

"The complete record of the stupidity of the pundits and journalists writing during the primary season, 2016"

The 19th Amazon review of "Trump the Press" is by David Bakinon. As is custom, I re-post the review here.

From David Bakinon:
The complete record of the stupidity of the pundits and journalists writing during the primary season, 2016
You might think this book is only for Trump fans. It is not. It is a record for anyone who needs now or will need in the future a reminder of how utterly useless and completely wrong-headed the entire pundit and "journalist" class is (*). There is no point whatsoever in paying any attention at all to any pundit - regardless of declared political affiliation - or any "journalist" at all - who is making political prognostications. They are none of them independent - they just follow each other like sheep. Sheep who believe their own beliefs are echoed by the people at large. Poor benighted fools, they all suffer from severe Dunning–Kruger effect.
I will be buying the revised and updated version of this book in December 2016, because regardless of how the election turns out, we'll have 4 full months of additional mistaken garbage to read to from the bien-pensant morons.
(*) With a few exceptions, like the author of this litany of failure, who had the insight that this book would be an interesting record to create.
Thanks, Mister Bakinon. Ah, the Dunning–Kruger effect. I had to look it up. Proof once again that my readers are brighter than me.

By the way, did everyone get annealed? Chris Stirewalt used the word used perfectly toward the end of the book. I had to look that up too.

I am surrounded by geniuses. Now the contest is on to stump me in Amazon reviews. That should not be difficult.

Please do. I really appreciate the reviews.


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