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Monday, August 29, 2016

She's betting on Trump

Heather Higgins, president and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, today published a rare positive column about Donald Trump in the National Review.

Actually, it was a reprint of her column in Ricochet last week, as apparently the editors at National Review realize their Never Trump movement to elect Hillary will fail just like its Against Trump edition failed to convince Republican to nominate one of those lessers whom Crooked Clinton could easily roll like those Saudi princes who giver her millions.

Heather Higgins made five points:
1) It feels a whole lot like Reagan in ’80 and Newt in ’94.
2) Who are you going to believe, polls or your lying eyes?
3) If what got incinerated was a phoenix, don’t bet against it rising.
4) Stages of Grief
5) It’s still summer.
Now Real Clear Politics posted his odds of winning at 20 percent today. Take those odds.

Her fourth point is that Republicans are coming around because the latest polls show between 87% and 90% of Republicans now support Trump, as most Cruz, Rubio and Bush supports have gotten over their butt-hurt and are rallying to stop the Arkansas Mafia from taking over the White House again.

Trump is a rookie candidate who failed to quickly switch to a general election campaign mode. In switching this month he was clumsy. His townhall on Hannity last week was painful to watch. But Trump is quick on the uptake, and mastered the teleprompter. Also, he has a speechwriter who can speak Trumpese, while at the same time reining him in from his impulse to outrage the opposition. The result is you get the likable Trump. Against Hillary, that Trump cannot lose.

The positive case for Trump is his unbridled anti-Establishment Americanism. That appeals to the Scot-Irish bones in the national anatomy.


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  1. Halevai. (Scots-Irish for "Let it be true.")

  2. Halevai. (Scots-Irish for "Let it be true.")

  3. First Victor Davis Hanson and now a - GASP! - a woman! Who will be next at National Review to publish a positive Trump article? Jonah Goldberg? - NAH! - Elric

  4. Maybe, just maybe, NRO is beginning to fear what Hillary would do.

    1. Lile "Citizens United" them right out of business? As Bernie might have said "Why do we need so many opinion publications and sites? We have Mother Jones and The Nation, that's enough."

      -Mikey NTH

  5. I'm just afraid that Hillary has an unbeatable ally: the Diebold electronic voting machine company.

  6. NR will be OK when they take back Ann and Steyn and make Derbyshire editor in chief and publisher. And I don't even like Derb.

  7. The Derb is an acquired taste. He is a mathematician. - Elric

  8. Presidential elections are all about likeability and not much else, really.

  9. I will be voting for Trump, but I have always wondered whether he really wants to be President. I mean, why would he? He wanted to win the primaries alright to prove he could do it. But actually be President and govern for the next four or eight years? No thanks, he'll pass.