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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Selling out gun rights to spite Trump

Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.
-- John Stuart Mills, 1867

Usually the quote is attributed to Edmund Burke, 1729-1797, as "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Either way, this sentiment is a reminder to conservatives that they have a responsibility to stop the devil in whatever form Satan may take.

The National Review with its boorish and childish Never Trump pledge does nothing. These former conservatives will standing idly by as evil in the form of Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares to become the most incompetent president not named Johnson, and certainly the most corrupt.

I use as an example C. W. Cooke's five-paragraph blast, "Of Course Hillary Wants to ‘Abolish’ the Second Amendment."

Well, let's stop her then.

Oh wait, Cooke is a Never Trumper.

In other words, Cooke refuses to lift a finger to stop Hillary.

What does that mean?

Cooke is willing to sacrifice the Second Amendment just to spite Trump.

I sure as hell hope they pay Cooke a hefty amount of money because I would hate to see a man sell out the Constitution and the nation's liberty for anything less than a million dollars.


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  1. "evil in the form of Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares to become the most incompetent president not named Johnson, and certainly the most corrupt."

    You forget James Buchanan, but your point is well-taken.

  2. Standing on your principles is a lot easier when the negative results of those principles affect others and probably not yourself....if you get to play virtuous then hell, it is a win-win.

  3. I would have said, not named Carter.

  4. NRO--National Run Outs. Or, Not Republican Ones.
    Please add your own; mine are too weak.

  5. These #NeverTrump lamebrains seem to think that they can take back control of the Republican Party and defeat Crooked Cankles in 2020. They're wrong on both counts. We may be at a point in American history where we see the Republican Party go the way of the Whigs and it will be the "principled conservatives" who will be responsible. A pox on their houses NRO, George Will, and the rest of the booger eatin' moh-rons!

    BTW does Dana Loesch love the 2nd Amendment enough to vote for Trump? If not, she is a hypocrite. We are one Supreme Court justice away from the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment and parts of the 1st Amendment, Citizens United. Why are Unions given freedom of speech but not corporations?

    Trump better start spending money and start attacking the Pig in a Pantsuit before it's too late!

    1. Hmm. How about blocking Corporations from making political donations, but do the same for Unions. No more grease from the AFLCIO or Teamsters, or NTEU or AFSCME or whatever.

  6. I met Charles at CPAC in March. He's a nice enough guy, but he's like a grilled cheese sandwich. You keep hoping for some meat, and there's none. And he assumes such a "thoughtful" air. Oxford will do that to ya, I guess...

  7. It's as if Edmund Burke would have let the French craziness take over all of England and not have written his Reflections. The NR people seem to be happy to see us overrun by Mexicans and have nothing in the stores but goods from Communist China and Vietnam. It is that insane.

  8. I'm reading Don Suber's book Trump the Press right now. It's good to have all the "expert" failure in one place as they try the exact same tactics now to stop Trump in the GE.
    While reading this book, I had an epiphany. The race for POTUS was over the minute Trump won the Republican primary. The fact that the establishment could not stop him there — in a field of 16 and with all that money on attack ads against him (and as Don's pointed out time & again, the “free media” he got argument is bs — he didn’t have editorial control, and that was mostly negative) — means he’s going to win. As the DNC Leak shows, the establishment has a lot of control over the primary process. And still — Trump got 300 more delegates than he needed for the nomination and more votes than any other Republican in a primary ever (in a field of 16!). The establishment just does not have that kind of control in a general election when hoi polloi can vote en masse.

    Hillary, on the other hand, even though she’s basically being Weekend at Bernie’s'd through the GE is going to get about 60 million votes no matter what. Obama, after 4 years of HARD FAIL, got 65 million in 2012 — subtracting some of the Bernie peeps who will stay home or vote 3rd party, and accounting for the fact Hillary will get the same % of minorities that Obama did, although less turn out, 60 million is a good estimate.

    Romney got 60 million in 2012. #NeverTrumps who voted for Romney won’t vote for Trump — but they’ve proven to have microphones and money, but few numbers (see their attempt to stop Trump at RNC with rule changes and floor voted that failed for lack of #s). When you replace them with those who stayed home in 2012 rather than vote for Romney but will come out for Trump, lets call it a wash (although that's being overly generous to the NeverTrump #s).

    Hillary 60 million Trump 60 million.

    Now, you have to add in those who never voted before who are coming out for Trump — you see them at his rallies every day (and yes, Romney had some big rallies too — made me hopeful — but that was only a few toward the end — Trump has had them since he started last year and he’s still having them). That’s the # that’s going to give him the win.

    And Hillary, the MSM and the NeverTrumps establishment know it. That’s why they’re hysterical — demanding he “drop out” because they couldn’t beat him with rules, or with candidates. The establishment’s only hope is suppressing turnout for Trump so that no matter how many "new" voters come out, he is kept to under 60 million. That way Hillary can win by default.

    The fact that they are using this hysteria NOW in August, while the Olympics are going on, rather than October just shows how hard their task is going to be. Like the primary where these same people guaranteed Trump would not win a single contest, then guaranteed he’d never get to 1237, then guaranteed he’d never be the nominee via a brokered convention, these same people guarantee that he will not win the GE.

    Wrong then. Wrong now.
    ~Dancing Queen

    1. "Weekend at Bernie’s'd": DQ, thats MAHVELOUS!!

  9. Don Surber is quoted by the Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit, who claims to have named the blogosphere, but that honor goes to Brad Graham. He also said that he was a moving force in the creation of the American Conservative Party ("the guy who dreamed up the damned name of the party, registered it, built your first web site, and gave you your first publicity"). Since then he has spent his time bashing the third party concept.

    So I wonder if he was attracted to Surber's "prepares to become the most incompetent president not named Johnson" line. But since Andrew Johnson has been surpassed in incompetency by Jimmah and Barry, Quick may have thought that the Johnson involved in the pithy Surber quote is Gary? After all the words leading up to "not named Johnson" are "prepares to become."

    1. Well, blowfly, I've been reading Bill Quick's DailyPundit for years & years; got there originally from the original Instapundit, who agreed that Bill had "named the Blogosphere."

      Since I never heard of any Brad Graham, I tried to look him up; found a list of 10 at LinkedIn, and another list of 10 at Fakebook, but none of them seemed to be claiming to have originated the term that Bill Quick did.

      Have you got a link to the Brad Graham you're talking about? Or is that just more misinformation?

  10. Trump unfit, in every respect, to be president. I will not vote for him.

    But I also understand that #NeverTrump is too small to make a difference relative to Hillary's upcoming landslide win.

    Trump supporters need to stop whining about 2016, accept that Hillary will win and work with #NeverTrump and the "GOPe" to ensure that Trump is not the nominee in 2020.

    1. Only a coward accepts defeat before the battle is fought.

    2. Don I can see your site is being invaded by tantrum throwers who suffer from truth aversion disorder. If Trump is unfit with his record of success in business and family where does that leave that liar and money grubber Hillary? A land slide indeed but one for Trump.

  11. There is one key question regarding the left's five to six decades-long agenda to take away the good guy's guns. What is the evil they intend to do to us, once they disarm us?
    Why should the very people who believe in freedom to do any morally corrupt evil as a right, be so determined to disarm us, unless it is to do us evil in their quest for absolute power?