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Monday, August 01, 2016

Paragraph explains why illegal aliens matter

In an story on J. D. Vance, author of the memoir Hillbilly Elegy, Kyle Smith explained in one paragraph what the problem is with immigration.

Vance promotes his book as an insight into Trump voters. His tale is of the chaos of communities once the jobs are gone.

Which led to this observation from Smith:
Manufacturing shed 5 million jobs after 2000, giving way to welfare, drugs and despondency. The number of Americans receiving welfare of one kind or another exploded from 42 million (or 18.8 percent of Americans) in 1983 to 109 million (or 35 percent) in 2012. As America added 83 million citizens, then, it added 67 million welfare recipients — during a period of massive wealth creation. (Per-capita income rose from about $30,000 in 1983 to over $52,000 in 2012.)
So we had a net gain of 67 million welfare recipients (people receiving government aid) and 16 million members of a taxpaying family after importing (legally and illegally) 83 million residents.

The South Park cry of "They're taking our jerbs" is not just a liberal punchline but a liberal put down of a race of people. Vance is a Silicon Valley executive. Imagine a memoir entitled Wetback Elegy or N-word Elegy. I cannot. But people in what columnist Salena Zito calls West Pennsyltucky who have been put down for more than 200 years are used to it and brush it off. In Logan County, West Virginia, the Man High School sports teams are called the Hillbillies. Talk to the hand about the Washington Redskins.

But the objection to the stereotype of ignorant, bigoted, worthless people does deserve attention. They are taking our jerbs. And it is the result of importing cheap labor and using "free trade" to export jobs.

Ford is building a factory in Mexico instead of the United States, and I think this is my last Mustang. They make Toyota engines and transmissions down the street (OK, 20 miles away) so I may go Toyota, if they offer a convertible. If not BMW and other car companies have plants in the USA.

Definitely I will vote for Trump.

The Chamber of Commerce, the federal government, and the media based in DC and NewYork City all benefit from this. Hollywood too sells movies overseas. But they are not just taking our jerbs; they are ruining our country.


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  1. Sometimes it seems like there is a Vast, Left-Wing Conspiracy to make all of us into dependents of and in thrall to the federal government ... NAHHH! - Elric

    1. No one dares to speak that name, Elric. Good thing you're anonymous.

  2. Nothing but Toyota and Honda for fifteen or so years. And no complaints, either. My Dad was a dyslexic hillbilly from south central Tennessee who didn't have shoes to wear to school and had his fly tied together with twine instead of a zipper. Ended up a doctor. I had no problem marrying a woman raised in a hut with one kerosene lamp for light at night because my parents raised me in a way that allowed me to see through "things" to the realities behind them. I'm comfortable with the complaints that people from all spectrums of the right have against both the elite cosmopolitans and the wuss elite on the right. One thing I disagree with is the shared determinism of both groups. I took genetics both as an undergrad and in med school, and I understand that genetics determine many things, but there are outliers. Liberals like to take outliers and make the rule according to the exception rather than actual reality. But making hard and fast rules regarding potentiality tends to pigeon hole some. The libs and the cuck right are perfectly comfortable pigeonholing whites. I say that those whites are perfectly justified doing whatever they like to their detractors if they ever have the power to do so. Those two groups have taken the legacy of the proposition nation that was handed to them and turned it into a leviathan engrossed in the politics of power. Now let them see what power can do.

  3. My 2001 BMW Z3 was made in South Carolina. Same with my 2007 BMW X3.

  4. My wife's father was outraged she bought a Japanese car once she was old enough to afford one.

    Times change.

  5. Don - You appear to criticize Vance for his use of "Hillbilly". In fairness, it's his tribe he is describing. The book describes how the steel mill in Middletown, OH recruited entire extended families from rural Kentucky. Nearby county seat Hamilton is referred to as "Hamiltucky"; Vance himself was born in Jackson, KY.

    It's a fascinating book as a cultural contrast - elite East and West coast vs lower class Appalachia.