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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nigel Farage now an enemy of the fauxservatives

Predictably, the fake conservatives in Washington who refuse to stop Hillary Clinton, dumped on Nigel Farage after he campaigned with Donald Trump this week.

From the National Review:
Nigel Farage is something of a folk hero among conservatives these days. Yes, yes, he’s not perfect and he may be a bit much at times. But his entertaining speeches castigating the European Union Parliament while serving in the European Union Parliament, his obvious love of country, and his plucky (and ultimately victorious) leadership of a wing of the Brexit campaign earned Farage a lot of good will on this side of the pond. So it was with groans that I watched him take to the hustings Wednesday night in Jackson, Miss., in support of Donald Trump. 
No, not because it’s Trump. But because it was just this past spring when Farage — rightly — blasted our president for crossing the Atlantic to push Britons to vote to remain in the European Union.
This is an apples and cucumbers argument.

Nigel Farage explicitly said he was not endorsing Trump.

Nigel Farage is not now, nor has he ever been, nor will he ever be a head of state.

Lastly, Nigel Farage did not threaten American trade with Britain if we elect Trump.

But this slap at Farage -- including disparagement about what he accomplished -- is expected. He beat odds that were steeper than The Donald's. Remember, when Farage began, most people in Britain actually liked the European Union.

These fake conservatives in Washington -- not limited to the National Review -- talk a good game but they are appalled when anyone takes action. For decades, they moaned about Democratic control of the House. When Newt Gingrich -- the prototype of Nigel Farage -- ended 40 years of Democratic control, there was some elation, but withing four years, he was gone and his protege successor was gone. The Establishment replaced him with the doormat Dennis Hastert, who turned out to be a pedarast.

Then there was the Tea Party. To be fair, the National Review embraced this populist movement but most Washington conservatives did not. They dismissed it as ignorant and racist, and resented the members of Congress it elected.

And in 2012, National Review did one of those Against Trump issues to stop Gingrich.

So now Washington conservatives have a Never Nigel thing going on.

This is a cleansing election, one that flushes out the sewers of the nation's capital. Look at the rats run to Hillary. The latest are Max Boot and Paul Wolfowitz. Se ya.


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  1. "This is a cleansing election"

    Very apt.

    1. We hope so, and will do what we can to make it so.

  2. So DJT might be seen as the civic equivalent of a fruit and fiber diet. Hmmmm; interesting concept.

    1. More like Ex-Lax. - Elric

    2. Grape-Nuts Flakes, with no actual nuts and plenty of actual wheat flakes.

  3. We are watching the death (implosion??) of the republican party and the birth of an America First party!

    1. And, I hope, the self-tearing-apart of the Dems.

  4. Nigel Farage's rants at the EU parliament were always a hoot to watch on youtube. His ability to grab the noses of his and our alleged "betters" was always fun to watch, especially when he verbally tweaked them in a three stooges kind of way. He spoke straightforwardly and with conviction. So different from what we normally see in our politics. I wish I could buy ol' Nigel a beer.

  5. I think you may have miscast Nigel as a sewer-flusher. The crap and the infrastructure will always be there, but the protagonists are being changed. So Nigel is more of an N-bomb.