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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Naked Hillary posters hit Hollywood

Sabo of Unsavory Agents has struck again. A Cruz supporter, street artist, and political genius, Sabo has sucked it up after his man did not win, and has gone all in against Hillary with a poster of her naked. I have it.

From Unsavory Agents:

You were warned.

Better put some ice on that.

No, there is no BleachBit for the eyes.

From the Washington Examiner, that reference explained:
Hillary Clinton's decision to use BleachBit to scrub her private email server could have been based on the fact that the free software can be downloaded and used with complete anonymity, the program's developer said.
Andrew Ziem, the creator of BleachBit, pointed to a recent CNN report about his software in which a computer security expert had speculated that Clinton's team would have selected a more expensive, more sophisticated service if it truly sought to conceal records.
"While there may be some merit to that, there is also an argument to be made for hoping that this doesn't leave a money trail," Ziem told the Washington Examiner.
The posters are popping up in Hollywood as the Breitbart-inspired urban guerrilla tries to change the culture one indignation at a time.

From the Hollywood Reporter:
About 20 posters featuring an unflattering image of the Democratic nominee for president were hung Monday morning in the area by Sabo, a conservative street artist known for creating fake ads and traffic signs and affixing them illegally to bus stops and light poles in the dead of night.
His latest work is largely an anti-abortion statement, though it touches on feminism and alleged scandals involving the Clinton Foundation. And, with the number "6-6-6" tattooed around her neck, the rendering insinuates she may be Satan, or at least a devil worshiper.
An image of Saul Alinsky, the writer of Rules for Radicals who was allegedly a mentor of Clinton's, is tattooed on one arm and $100 bills are on the other. There's also a skeletal fetus about to be cut by scissors, a wire hanger, a vulture and the slogan "no bras, no masters."
I think he used Lena Dunham as his model.

The big news is an early and ardent Cruz supporter is fighting Hillary. We need more of that.


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  1. It's probably worse than that. Oh, poor Billy. I so understand now. Go. Go to your island of underage teenage girls. Knowing you won't have to suffer punishment like Jared (is there an echo in here?)should be another comfort to you in your dottage.

    1. that is the story of Hilary she is great looser salute her

  2. I don't think she was ever that well-built (even when things were at the proper altitude).

  3. Turn about is fair play. Lefties don't like fair play.

  4. I feel for the undertaker who has to deal with her final remains.

  5. Appropriate even to the tear drops. But, are there enough tears?

    1. I get the feeling Sabo does tattoos for a living

  6. He forgot the colostomy bag she hides under her tent clothing.

  7. you guys know that michelle obama aint winning no election not even in the balls cub of the white house to wash the golf balls of trump golf balls and his son in law Kushner balls so do not to vote for her or giilbrand or kamla harris the bandookies bazyanwauninges