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Monday, August 01, 2016

Imperial presidency panic

Marc Fisher of the Washington Post did a decent job destroying the talking point that Trump will become a king as president.

I suggest Fisher update his resume because Jeff Bezos ain't gonna like the truth slipping into his newspaper.

The headline read:
Donald Trump and the expanding power of the presidency
Notice Hillary Clinton's promises were not mentioned.

But in the story, Fisher wrote:
But scholars of the presidency say that Barack Obama, George W. Bush and their predecessors have added so many powers to the White House toolbox that a President Trump could fulfill many of his promises legally — and virtually unchecked by a Congress that has proven incapable of mustering much pushback for decades.
“Every president expands the power of the presidency,” said Neal Devins, a law professor at the College of William and Mary. “This is a constant pattern. They never shrink the presidency. A President Trump could say, ‘I’m going to use the Obama playbook’ and go pretty far. The difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is not going to be one of lawlessness but of the policies they pursue.”
Plenty of politicians have pledged wholesale, game-changing shifts in policy, but Trump’s hot rhetoric stands out because his promises are rarely accompanied by details on how he might implement his initiatives. He doesn’t say how he might punish companies that ship jobs overseas, or how he would get Mexico to pay for a border wall, or how he would impose a ban on Muslims entering the country. He says he will make it happen — “believe me.”
The details of Obamacare were where in 2008?

Actually, the big problem for Americans is not the imperial presidency but the imperial bureaucracy. You can fire a president, but you cannot fire the nutballs at the EPA who hauled a chicken farmer into court because her hens's feathers got in rainwater, which somehow fouled the Chesapeake Bay.

That story had a happy ending.

When Hillary says she will make wholesale changes in Social Security, no one in Washington demands that she get congressional action.

If it were not for double standards, Washington would have no standards at all.


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  1. And that's just it: the Democrats and their cronies in the media are afraid that Trump (or any republican president) will abuse the power of the office as badly as Clinton or Obama. They wrap themselves in the Constitution when they're afraid someone from the other side will abuse it as much as their guy or gal has (or would).

  2. "trust the EPA? Ask a Navajo."
    TG McCoy

  3. Note that no one suggests weakening the presidency or strengthening federalism or the role of state governments in shaping policy or returning elections of senators back to state legislatures. They want a king. They envision that king as something they desire. One day God will give them what they ask for good and hard, just like he did Israel. They never learn.

  4. This is why the Lefties floated that story about Trump and Christie "purging" civil service. If they do it, it would be as good as term limits for Congress and the Federal bench.

    1. I thought he did mention that. Certainly very appealing .

  5. After we repatriate the first million Mexicans back into Mexico the Mexican government will be rushing to build a wall to keep the rest of them here. We may have to resort to a boatlift - or possibly parachutes - to repatriate the remainder. - Elric

  6. DJT will be a fairly strict Constitutionalist. The man has principles. But I hope at least early on, he rolls it up and delivers some good solid spankings to those who have defiled the document. Payback's a bitch, Libs...

    1) Obamacare repealed
    2) ALL EPA regulations in the last 8 years, repealed
    3) John're fired!
    4) Janet're fired!
    5) Jeh're fired!
    6) Massive, targeted air strikes on ISIS. We know where they are.

    That'll be Donald's first week. The next 93 days will be even more fun.

  7. z-reg -- Keep going!
    Dept of Education -- terminated!
    Dept of Energy -- terminated!
    Dept of Labor -- terminated!
    HUD -- terminated!
    EPA budget -- cut in half!
    NSF -- entire leadership fired! No more climate 'science' of any variety to be funded! Budget cut in half!
    Who am I missing?

  8. I'm not done I guess ...
    Move the National Weather Service into Interior from Commerce.
    Dept of Commerce -- terminated!

  9. IRS -- terminated!
    Taxes -- one piece of paper. You send in 10% of all earnings. Write them down, sign it, send it in. 10% discount if it is submitted early.
    NASA -- terminated!