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Monday, August 22, 2016

"I love you too. No homo."

The next time the press makes a big deal about someone in the Trump campaign doing or saying something foolish, remember these six words: "I love you too. No homo."

At 1:35 PM Eastern on May 20, 2016, Jordan Kaplan -- the DNC's national finance director -- emailed those words to Zachary Allen -- the DNC's finance chairman. It's the kind of junior high jostling men of a particular sort do. Women too. Some may be offended. It's stupid, sure. And the expectation of privacy online is zero. And yes, it was at the workplace. But people do foolish things.

The press would have vilified RNC members. But this is different. The Wiki Leaks are damaging, but like the Climategate emails, the emails damage the wrong people: Socialists. Our press is sworn to protect the government and those who wish to expand it, because the government is there to help those swarms of mouth-breathing subhumans who populate the hinterlands.

(Remember when the Charleston Gazette called eastern Kanawha County "the hinterlands," as if South Hills is the toehold of civilization in the state of West Virginia.)

A month ago, posted, "WikiLeaks List: Most Damaging Emails About DNC, Clinton, And Bernie." A few other sites as well. But don't expect a Time magazine cover story.

Kaplan resigned this weekend. That drew news reports. But the Hill was vague about what was in the emails. As was Fox News. Nothing to see here. Just a guy resigning a cushy six-figure job during the company's busiest season.

"I love you too. No homo."

It was just one of the many emails but it struck me as the one that would have headlined  the story if it were an RNC staffer, edited of course to "I love you too. No h**o."


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  1. As Prof. Glenn "The Puppy Blender" Reynolds keeps saying, the media are Democrats With Bylines.

  2. I understand that the same thing as what happened with Wasserman-Schulz happened here. He's working for the Clinton campaign.

  3. Well, of course.

    Massa always loved de people workin' on de plantation.