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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hollywood rewrites Lewinsky affair

Hillary Clinton has a big problem called Monica Lewinsky, who is a bigger problem for Hillary than her husband. Many Americans did not want a philanderer as president, but many more do not want a cuckold as president because that is a sign of weakness. We'll take an alley cat over a mouse.

Enter Hollywood to rewrite history.

From the Daily Mail:
Heather Locklear made a triumphant return to television on Monday's premiere of Too Close To Home.
The 54-year-old actress portrays a tough first lady in the Tyler Perry drama that is the first scripted series on TLC.
A preview clip from the eight-part series showed Locklear's character Katelyn confronting Anna, played by 27-year-old Danielle Savre, following an affair with the US president.
'So, this is how he keeps you. You must be really good,' Katelyn told the White House intern with a dubious past in Alabama.
I like the whole slut-shaming of Lewinsky. But purging history of Hillary's role as a doormat is that important. So TLC busts out its first scripted series to save The Hillary.

Producer-writer-actor Tyler Perry is best known for comedies featuring nearly all-black casts. This one is an eight-part melodrama with an all-white cast. Apparently the idea of having a black first lady and president is a foreign notion to Mister Perry -- or maybe it would hit Too Close To Home.

Coming up next on E! -- Not Without My Ambassador, the story of a feisty hard-nosed secretary of state played by Linda Hamilton, who goes behind enemy lines to save a kidnapped Ambassador Ben Gazzy. George Lucas debuts as a television producer.


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  1. Yeah. That's the ticket. Make TV shows about the moral failings of the powerful. And make it look normal. Something that happens all the time. Everybody does it. Next thing you know it'll be back room deals and influence peddling. Juvenal's satires without the humor. Great entertainment.

  2. TLC's still on? Oughta change to TPC, The Propaganda Channel. Oh, who am I kidding. Pretty much all channels are. I'm guessing maybe only the travel channel,the food show channels, and the DIY-type channels, and TCM, aren't.

    1. Well, except when TCM host Mancewicz sugarcoats Trumbo and the Hollywood 10.