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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Hillary's meltdown at the DNC

The talking head on CNN said: "It looks like the Democratic Party is doing a little housecleaning."


Yes, and the Titanic hit an ice cube.

On the eve of the party's big gala -- its quadrennial presidential convention -- the DNC's chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned.

Now, a week later, CEO Amy Dacey resigned from the DNC.

A little housecleaning? Imagine CNN chairman John K. Martin and CNN president David Levy suddenly resigning with no job prospect or explanation. The DNC is an organization melting down.

The time to clean house is between elections, not during.

And the Democrats have just begun their bloodbath.

From Politico:
Other senior aides have been expecting the axe to fall on them too, and there’s a chill around the offices just off Capitol Hill as staffers wait for more resignations or firings. However, many people in the building had not been alerted to Dacey’s departure before the news broke.
Donna Brazile, who took over from Wasserman Schultz as interim chair, has been in the office since Monday, beginning the process of rebuilding. Meanwhile, press operations have been largely outsourced to the firm SKDKnickerbocker, longtime consultants for the DNC, according to Democratic officials inside and outside the building.
Whoa. This is exactly like a failed corporation that has to hire a PR firm to handle its bungling of personnel issues.

The media line is the firings come on the heels of the release of emails that showed the party nomenklatura worked inside the organization to get Hillary the nomination.

But that makes no sense. Why would the party purge itself of people who worked for their nominee? These are Hillary's helpers. They are the people you ordinarily would bring into the party's headquarters.

We know that when Trump's people get in trouble, Trump backs them. He kept Corey Lewandowski on the payroll after the He-touched-my-arm scandal until Lewandowski landed a job at CNN. Likewise, Trump refused the resignation of a speech-writer caught lifting a couple of lines from Michelle Obama's convention speech in 2008. A good CEO knows even good people make mistakes.

Let's see, Trump took over the RNC and kept everyone. Hillary took over the DNC and fired all the people loyal to her.

Either Hillary has all the loyalty of Barack "Under the Bus" Obama, or the party is in full panic mode as it realizes Trump is going to roll her.

The former is possible, but the latter is probable because they are throwing the kitchen sink at Trump in August, not October.

President Obama already is foaming about how Trump lacks the experience to be president. Yes, Obama, who had no foreign policy experience, no domestic policy experience, and no work experience., is calling a man who runs a multinational company with more than 22,000 employees that he built "unfit to be president."

In August.

This is the kind of thing you do in October.

Sounds like desperation to me.

Meanwhile, Hillary's flying monkeys in the press are questioning Donald Trump's mental health. There is a lot of projection at the DNC.

To be sure, Hillary is a couple of points ahead of Trump as August begins. To be exact, 4.4 points, according to Real Clear Politics. Also, she sits on a ton of money and has an organization of 800 people.

So what does she know that we don't?

Could it be that after dumping $50 million in negative ads and not seeing his numbers fall, Hillary realizes Trump is as disliked as he will ever be in this election?

Could it be that after a convention the media praised, Hillary realizes she is as liked as she will ever be in this election?

Could it be that she knows that enough Bernie Sanders supporters will bolt for Jill Stein and Trump to cost her the election?

Could it be that she threw Dacey and Wasserman Schultz overboard in an attempt to appease angry Sanders supporters?

Could it be that she is tired, and has deja vu over her humiliation in 2008?

The fact is, under Obama, the Democratic Party went from the dominant party in America to one that holds its fewest statehouses and smallest Congress in more than 80 years.

Clinton has more money and more staff than Trump has, but she does not have more voters.

She panicked. It's a meltdown. She needs those Sanders supporters who make up nearly half her party and she is willing to do anything to appease them.

Meanwhile, the political media once again responds by turning a joke by Trump into a nontroversy.


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  1. This is why I love this blog.
    Ed Brookover, Rick Wiley, Michael Caputo, Kevin Kellems, Roger Stone, Sam Nunberg, and/or Barry Bennett ring a bell? I hope teaparyquack reads this before it's deleted.

    1. I don't think irrelevancies merit deletions. And I'm not talking about the subjects in the comment.

    2. Good one quack! Actually put some cognitive thought into the reply for once. Better go take a nap now.

  2. I wish I had your positive outlook on the election. I don't and I guess that's why I have this queasy feeling.

    1. It's only because Barry lost the last one until the vote fraud machine kicked in.

  3. Fascinating stuff.

    Yes, if things were going that well, this would not be happening.

  4. What amazes me is the arrogance and ignorance these DNC NoGoodNiks show in committing every nefarious detail to email.

    Have they never heard of the old (Brit) saw: "No names, no pack drill".

  5. Other than Hillary, all (All, ALL) others are expendable.

  6. That the dems have Donna Brazile testifies to their stupidity and overall cluelessness. Donna Brazile might be capable of a donut run, I'm not sure. WRT obama and foreign policy knowledge and experience, he gives new meaning to the phrase "light in his loafers." He is a dolt and clueless moron whose main ability is to read from a teleprompter. I am almost embarassed for this idiot when he has to go impromptu. "If...if....if....if... okie doke." This is our president. He would get an F in a freshman level speech and public speaking course.

  7. Would you trust your order for a creme-filled Bismarck to Donna Brazile?

  8. I read Amy Dacey already found a job. Can't remember where.

    What worries me is all of these traitorous RINOs who have announced that they are voting for Crooked Cankles. Many are Bushies which shows just how much they think about the Supreme Court. We are one justice away from losing both the First and Second Amendments. I could see not voting for Trump, but voting for the most corrupt politician in history who will take us further into socialism is disgusting. If they think that making Trump lose will pave the way for Jeb! in 2020, they are deluding themselves. They are setting us up for 8 years of Crooked Cankles and destroying the nation as well. Treasonous buttheads!

  9. Don,

    I think the heads are rolling because the leak came from inside the DNC, and the Clinton campaign knows it. They just don't know which individual it was, so they clean them all out. Almost certainly was someone who had a soft spot for Sanders.

    1. Yeah, Hillary wasn't commie enough for somebody.

  10. These are the same folks who credit Obama with an over 50% approval rating -- while over 70% believe the country is heading into the wrong direction. Doubtful that his polling is so high.


  11. One of the things I've noticed about all the anti-Trump talking heads on CNN and MSNBC is this: they are all talking so fast all the time, they're practically hyperventilating. "Sounds like desperation to me."