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Monday, August 22, 2016

Five things liberals fear about Trump's campaign

Bill Robinson, the token conservative at Huffington Post, gave readers something too conservative for the National Review these days -- "The Five Reasons Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President."

From Robinson:
1. Donald Trump's Campaign Rallies -- nothing can top a Trump Rally.
2. Trump is FUNNY; People Like Funny. And, Hillary is Anything But.
3. The Polls Are Not To Be Trusted.
4. Trump's Spent Virtually Nothing; Hillary Over $100 Million.
5. Hillary's Future is VERY Uncertain; an 'October Surprise?'
Point No. 3 is loser talk. We heard enough from the Never Trump crowd during the nomination process. They were wrong. Trump is down, but he is not out.

I have hit these before: The rallies, the delivery, and the uselessness of the money. But No. 5 is a new one. What will WikiLeaks leak on Her Royal Clintonness? However, the history of October Surprises is that they are largely fictitious. The late release of a 24-year-old DUI by George W. Bush almost won the 2000 election for Al Gore.

One thing in Trump's favor is Hillary. She cracks and cackles under pressure.

From Robinson:
I've been to both a Trump and Clinton Rally and they are night-and-day different. Hillary's event was in a gymnasium, poorly attended, had an audience that needed constant prodding. At the last minute, a bunch of unrelated crowd-fillers were scooted in awkwardly and trained up to cheer when cued. There were no protesters, as if nobody has anything to protest Hillary about. And Hillary's speech was wooden, shrill and without passion.
Compare this to the organized, excited buzz of a Trump Rally. Over 4500 people filling a 4000-capacity nightclub. with thousands of disappointed yet still excited Trumpers outside who couldn't get in but waiting anyway.
Trump has fans. Hillary is propped up by old hippies, billionaires, and the media.

Last time I looked, we outnumbered them.


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  1. The performance of Trump in the debates will be critical. The panel of commentators will, as usual, lean way to the left and tailor their questions to make the Democrat (Hillary) look good and the Republican (Trump) look bad. There will surely be plenty of questions about race and gender politics that are intended to put Trump on the defensive while allowing Hillary to spout the usual Progressive platitudes. And there will be a barrage of loaded questions about inside the Beltway trivia that are intended to show off Clinton's supposed "experience" and reveal Trump's dangerous "inexperience." (Funny how that didn't matter in 2008 when it came to vetting the noobie Obama.) Trump will win the debates if he can make the case that his good judgement (and character) trumps Hillary's bad experience (and character), that the policies and ideas he offers are much better for the future of America than the tired old leftist policies she offers that have failed the country so often in the past.

    1. All he has to do is act normally.

      The Beast will have to convince people she's not wetting her drawers.

    2. Depends! (The feminine adult diaper, that is.) Or she could go the route of Wendy Davis and use a catheter. She has plenty of room in those pantsuits to hide the bag. That said, I don't believe she can act normally. - Elric

  2. Have to disagree on 3, too much evidence they are weighted for Cacklepants.

  3. I DON'T trust the polls, but I'd say it as "Be cautious about putting trust in given to us by the media, which lies to us so much."