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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Federalizing school johns

The Supreme Court justices voted 5-3 to make themselves the school bathroom hall monitors of America. They will decide where you pee and who stands and who sits.

The case is out of Virginia where a girl who wants to be a real boy sued to make the school allow her to use the boys bathroom.

The lower court said absolutely in a 2-1 decision that upheld the decision by Bathroom Assigner In Chief, Barack Obama, to let trannies pee where they want, when they want.

Lincoln dealt with the Civil War.

Reagan dealt with the Cold War.

Obama is dealing with school bathrooms.

And Trump is the one who is unfit to be president?

You've got Islamic jihadists decapitating, crucifying and hanging homosexuals, and our loser president is more worried about who uses what bathroom. He didn't even come out of the closet for gay marriage for four years.

The Supremes, meanwhile, are prepping to decide that the same government that forces you to buy insurance policies cannot tell someone who is underage which bathroom to use.

All eight of the justices are Ivy League educated. I wonder if when they were in law school at Yale or Harvard they dreamed of the day when they would decide who such a silly case.

How the hell did a republic likes ours turn into Bizarro World?


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  1. Burn down the Ivy League schools and prohibit all Ivy League graduates from ever holding any office or position of responsibility. Then go after the lawyers. It may result in the settling of disputes by duels or other deadly means, but that would at least be simpler to oomprehend and likely avoid than the BS our supposed "betters" have imposed on us. - Elric

    1. Shakespeare said "the first thing to do is kill all the lawyers." I think if you kill only half the rest would get the message.

    2. Or, just kill the dishonest ones. The other 2% should be OK after that.

    3. Don, we need an edit feature, Dan some how got a % sign in the middle of his correct statement.

  2. bias is freedom of speech, discrimination is freedom of choice, segregation is the freedom of association
    all the bad words of the left are the freedoms you love, packaged as evils

  3. The possibility that they'll decide "this is NOT our job" and turn it over the to states is there, but I give it 1% at most.

    1. Too late. It's already a Federal case. Obama's Dept. of Ejucashun used Title 9 to make it one.

      Our country is in the toilet thanks to Obama, so this case is ideal for those who have helped him put us there. You can be sure the office of each SCOTUS justice has its own restroom, so our robed overlords are not forced to use public mixed gender restrooms at work each day, like those school kids will be.

  4. To answer the question, when it started voting Democrat.

  5. How about we close off all the restrooms in he schools and put a long line of johnny on the jobs beside the building? Zero discrimination there, but we would have pimply faced fourteen year old's competing for who uses it after the prom queen.
    Gender disphoria is in the same boat as eating disorders and if we had one shred of common sense we would treat it the same, intense counseling, and inpatient therapy if needed.
    If your genetics are XX, you are a woman. If they re XY, you are a man. It is that simple. there is no such thing as gender reassignment, a man who has his penis inverted will never be able to bear a child nor will a girl who has had then make a fake one and equip it with a pump ever father a child. (Thank GOD)

  6. your sex is an objective reality and not subject to subjective whims or preferences.