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Thursday, August 11, 2016

CNN makes up the news

CNN, now in living color -- and living lies.

From Reuters:
A federal official on Wednesday said the U.S. Secret Service had not formally spoken with Republican Donald Trump's presidential campaign regarding his suggestion a day earlier that gun rights activists could stop Democratic rival Hillary Clinton from curtailing their access to firearms.
Following Trump's comment at a rally on Tuesday in which he suggested that gun rights activists could stop Clinton from appointing liberal anti-gun justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, a federal official familiar with the matter told Reuters that there had been no formal conversations between the Secret Service and the Trump campaign.
Earlier CNN had reported that there had been multiple conversations between the campaign and the agency.
I believe the polls that show Trump is down by eight.

I also know voting starts in mid-October.

Long way to November 8.

The public should catch up on all the lies the media is telling them about Trump and Hillary.

There is no excuse for this. CNN should fire whoever is responsible -- and very publicly, I may add.

I want to know the name of the Michelle Fields Award winner who made up this lie and got it put on the air.

If this were based on a source -- out 'em.


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  1. Surely WikiLeaks already outed the source previously?

  2. I think they're making it up as they go. CNN: Crap/Clinton News Network.

  3. "CNN should fire whoever is responsible -- and very publicly, I may add."

    That would meaning firing the entire staff and starting over from scratch. All lies, all the time. CNN is like the Onion, only less believable and less funny.

  4. They've been making it up since they hired that Commie, Peter Arnett.

    Too bad some SOG squad didn't nail him back in the 60s.

  5. They ought to rebadge CNN as the "Chloroform News Network". It knocks me out for the rest of the evening.

  6. Another Fake but Fake "news" item. However, in this political climate it could be true. Would not put it past the Obama/Lynch Justice Dept. to direct the FBI to do an investigation just to help Hellary.(no misprint)

  7. Last weeks outrage outrage was the Intervention by the Elders of GOP on Donald Trump.

    I wonder what the next outrage outrage is going to be?

    -Mikey NTH