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Friday, August 05, 2016

Is a vote for Hillary a vote for Allah?

Khizr Khan upped the ante in the feud he started with Donald Trump by saying Allah wants Trump to lose.

Via Gateway Pundit:
The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.
Talking exclusively to Dunya News on program Nuqta-e-Nazar, Khizr Khan said that he often gets emotional while speaking in public but when nature wants you to do something, words come by themselves. He said his speech was a gift from the God. “I showed the constitution only because I wanted to remind people that nobody could be discriminated against in the name of religion”, said Khizr.
If true -- I caution that the Dunya News site cited may prove to be as trustworthy as Politico -- this helps Hillary in three ways.

1. It cements the Muslim vote for Hillary.

2. It cements the terrorized vote. Oh yes, the terrorists are scaring some people into submission.

3. It cements the establishment-wannabe vote by showing how scary Trump is.

But never forget: Feud with The Donald, you lose.


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  1. Ot: but relevant:
    this is the Conservative tree house on the $400 mil."Ransom" to our buds. the Iranian Mullahs.
    Hmm. "moolah for Mullahs."
    TG McCoy
    I predict that Khan will be the worst thing to happen to the Dems. They will Rue the day..

    1. I think you are right. Remember how Cindy Sheehan became a millstone when she started palling around with Fidel and Chavez?

  2. Allah will also punish me for eating some pork sausage tonight. But I'm not skeered. Allah can suck my sausage.

  3. Allah was certainly on the Moslems' side in the Six Day War.

  4. Yeah, Ed, what a great general those guys had. Every time the Muslims engage in "conventional warfare" they get their asses kicked. That's why they've reverted to terrorism..

    1. Funny part is, when our guys have a Commander In Chief who will stand by them, they beat them at terror, too.

  5. True story, secondhand...my AF buddy was doing a joint training exercise with the Saudis back in 81. They had ten planes in the air, needing ground control radar, and all of a sudden the call to prayer was rung and every single one of them got up and left their posts. He was like, WHA!!! Had to scramble to keep all the pilots organized and safe. It's not a religion that is friendly to safety...

  6. Makes one wonder just how smart those guys aren't.

  7. Muzzies are big on "inshallah" meaning "god willing" or "if god is willing."

    They create nothing because if their god wanted it created, he'd do it himself. So it's risky for a moslem to create something new, that is treading on their god's toes. Similarly, success in battle depends on whether their god grants it or not; bullets hit their targets if god wants them to, otherwise not; it's never the fault of the moslem, as long as he puts his ass in the air five times a day and strictly obeys the koran.

    And just possibly their low IQs have something to do with it too!

    1. Cousin marrying is not conducive to high IQ, either.

  8. I don't believe anyone who claims to speak for God, whether its the Pope or this arrogant fool. If he's a citizen, then he must have cheated on the test: Constitutional rights are granted only to those who are under the jurisdiction of the US government. It was written for the American people, not the citizens of the world. Idiot.

    1. Yes - they sure like to invoke "the constitution" as if - as you noted - it applied to everyone - yet, somehow that stupid, crappy "Sharia" garbage overrules the constitution when it suits these sons of Satan.

    2. Yes - they sure like to invoke "the constitution" as if - as you noted - it applied to everyone - yet, somehow that stupid, crappy "Sharia" garbage overrules the constitution when it suits these sons of Satan.

  9. This article over at The People's Cube explains a lot:


    - Elric