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Monday, August 29, 2016

30th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

From R. D. Wauchope:
How the Media spin their deceitful tales (and it's about Trump, too!)
In the first chapter Don Surber said, "The press committed mediacide by blowing its last shred of credibility trying to stop Trump. Making a billionaire the underdog was nearly impossible, but the Washington press corps was up to the task."
This book describes exactly how the press corps did their work, and the results they achieved. Mr. Surber details what the pundits said, how they said it, and what (if any) factual background there was to what they said about Donald Trump. He names the names and pins these oh-so-knowledgeable scribes to the mat!
My only criticism of this fine (and often hilariously funny!) book is that it is far too short! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about our lying, deceitful media- as well as anyone who wants to know more about Donald Trump.
Don Surber pulls no punches, and leaves few stones unturned; read the book and you'll find what he found under those stones (but a lot of those things aren't pretty!)
I love this book, and am now about to read it again, in case I missed something!
Thank you for the kind review. I am happy you enjoyed the volume. And also thank you for purchasing an autographed copy for $20, which includes shipping. Readers can contact me at for information on autographed copies.

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  1. Being Donald Trump and taking on the Press is like screwing a porcupine.

    Cos it's a thousand pricks against one.