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Saturday, August 06, 2016

21st Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

I thank Leslie Ewing twice, once for reading "Trump the Press," and second, for giving a review on Amazon. As is custom, I re-post her review here:
Very eye opening. I wasn't sure I could vote ...
Very eye opening. I wasn't sure I could vote for Trump. Still not sure.
Thank you.

My purpose is not to change your vote but to show once again the media is clueless.


  1. Even though she hasn't figured her vote, she voted your book 5 stars! That's 105-0 for the book!

  2. I saw that Hannity lit into Bret Stephens. I was like, wait, Big D quoted that guy! He called me appalling. Mr. Stephens, kiss my white West Virginia ass.

  3. Bret wants a 50-state sweep for Hillary, the most corrupt individual to ever run for president

  4. Virginia Thrasher takes first Gold Medal at Rio

    Christian Science Monitor:
    "Thrasher was not expected to be among the top five scorers — all that counts in NCAA competition — at shooting powerhouse West Virginia, yet got better as the season progressed. She became the first freshman to win both NCAA rifle titles and led the Mountaineers to the team championship."

    1. I sent out the WV Fight Song to my whole family! Daughter graduated there. I am DAMN proud of this state I now call my home. There are good people here, including, but not limited to, Mr. Don Surber. Let's go-o-o, Mountaineers!

  5. Can't wait to hear the collective shriek when President Trump unveils his new ROE for his dealings with the Leftard media.