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Monday, August 01, 2016

18th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Readers are liking my new book. There are now 18 reviews at Amazon. I am humbled by this. And I am re-posting each review as they are posted.

From A.One:
Surber Trumps The Pundits
I've read Mr. Surber's blog for some years now, since well before his paper fired him for being a conservative who wouldn't go along with their program. He has a clear eye and a clear mind, with a distinct humorous vein. Start with the chapter headings: For me, 30 of 47 are either directly funny or plays on words and phrases. There's funny in every chapter, pointing out the flaws in the pundits, reporters, papers and TV people. The only chapter title that got left out was "Round Up The Usual Suspects". Mr. Surber, however, did round up all the usual suspects throughout the book, and some less-usual suspects, and did the worst possible thing to them: He quoted them (and then made fun of them). That's gotta hurt! I kept thinking, who ARE these tacky people, who think they are smarter by far than any one, or any thousand, or us out across the country?
So, buy this book! Read it, and laugh it up. Vote for the candidate(s) of your choice, and let the big city newspapers and alphabet networks try to figure out how many ways they went wrong.
Hmm. Round Up the Usual Suspects. Dang, I should have. Maybe next time.

I hope this encourages others to post a review. It does not have to be long.


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