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Monday, August 01, 2016

17th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Readers keep taking the time and effort to read and review "Trump the Press" on Amazon. I deeply appreciate this. As is custom, I post all the reviews.

From Algoa:
Trump and the folly of the Protected Classes
I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the interplay between the media and the Trump phenomenon. Surber catalogs the, at times hilariously inaccurate, pronouncements on Trump and beautifully illustrates that almost to a man and woman they got it wrong.
The books is thematic. Each chapter covers a specific aspect of the criticism of Trump. For example, the 'Trump has hit his ceiling' phenomenon is covered by dozens of quotes in a single chapter. Who can forget Rove with his little white board on Fox carefully explaining why Trump has hit his ceiling. Then there is 'Trump as Clown' when organizations such as HufPo decided to place Trump news in their entertainment section. Each chapter is a gem that beautifully illustrates how out of touch the MSM is.
The book is densely packed with quotes from the whole crowd of pundits. There is Krauthammer and Hayes and Tapper and Nate Silver and Megan Kelly and Bill Kristol all pontificating on Trump. Almost all wildly incorrect with a few exceptions like Carlson and Buchanan and grudgingly Peggy Noonan. The book is a wonderful, almost historic, collection of the verbal and literary follies of the chattering classes. Surber has done stalwart service in bringing the many quotes together in a single book.
My small criticism of the book is that, IMO, Surber missed an opportunity to discuss how the 'Trump prognosticating fiasco' has altered and perhaps damaged even more (if that is possible) the relationship we - the people - have with the media. It turns out that from across the spectrum from Fox to NBC to Always Back Clinton (ABC) to the Clinton News Network to the dozens of 'smart' websites such as 538 all live in an elitist bubble intellectually and in many cases financially a million miles away from the average person living in the real world. Their protected lives (to channel Noonan) go from strength to strength in a fast globalizing world and they cannot imagine that it is not the same for everyone. I daresay Surber from his home in WV could provide some insights.
Thank you Don Surber. A great read.
You are welcome. Criticism duly noted.

I look forward to reading more Amazon reviews.


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  1. 17 positive comments! Seems to be a trend...

  2. I wish I'd written that.

  3. I wonder whether any of the journalists mentioned might have a sort of "Road to Damascus" moment after reading Don's book?

    And if they do, will Don be prepared to give their journalistic "talents" an overhaul in the shop? What was that "prescription" again? "Get a couple of pints of oil in, grease up ya big end, and then get out on the road for a couple of hours".