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Friday, July 15, 2016

WSJ writes Ohio off and Trump in July

A year ago, the Wall Street Journal had the best editorial page in America. Now it does not even have the best editorial page in New York City, as its sister publication -- the lowly tabloid New York Post -- isn't dumb enough to write off Trump in July.

But Journal columnists wrote off Trump last July, and they are doing so again this July. They never learn. One in particular.

From Daniel Henninger on July 29, 2015:
In “The Music Man,” Meredith Willson’s great musical, super salesman Harold Hill talks the townspeople of River City, Iowa, into buying trombones, bassoons and drums to form a boys’ band. Then, after the people of River City have committed belief and money to him, he’ll skip town. 
Donald Trump is America’s Music Man, and the United States is his River City. 
Henninger convinced himself that Trump was spending tens of millions of dollars for free publicity, and maybe a shot at picking the next presidential nominee.

This summer, Henninger is back saying Trump cannot win Ohio, a state every Republican president has carried.

From Henninger today:
The good news for Mr. Trump is that this week’s Wall Street Journal poll puts him in a 39%-39% dead heat in Ohio with  Hillary Clinton. The bad news is most wish they had someone else to vote for. Ohio, as always, is in play.
Sounds good. She was up by a larger margin in the company's national poll, which means as his national numbers go up so will his Ohio numbers. But not in Wonder Land, which is the name Henninger gave his column:
There is one other detail without which, I think, Donald Trump simply can’t win in Ohio:  John Kasich. 
John Kasich is still steamed. 
As of this week, Gov. Kasich was not even going to appear at the Cleveland convention center. Speaking to a Cleveland TV station last week, he said he’s still waiting for Mr. Trump, like Saul on the road to Damascus, to undergo a political conversion: “If it doesn’t come, then I probably will not find my way towards endorsing.”
As these columns noted recently, among the perils of routinely insulting one’s political opponents in public is they never forget. That could be a problem for Donald Trump because Ohio is a turnout state. To win, you must flush out every possible voter.
There is no doubt that Kasich is the most liked governor of Ohio in my lifetime, even exceeding Jim Rhodes.

But Trump can win without him. Trump kept Kasich below 50% in the Ohio primary. And Romney lost Ohio despite Kasich's support in 2012. He's a governor, not a magician.

Henninger concluded:
From Cleveland on Lake Erie down to Cincinnati on the Kentucky border, Ohio’s voters historically have demanded hands-on attention before they pick the next president. For now, Donald Trump is campaigning for this must-win state with not much more than the Trump brand. There’s a first time for everything. 
I am curious as to why a conservative newspaper would write off Trump a week before his nomination.

Oh wait, it is a business newspaper and supports unbridled free trade and open borders.

Everyone makes mistakes. Smart people learn from them.


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  1. TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome. (Also see #NeverTrump) If you think George W. had it tough, just wait until Trump is President. The press will bring out the long knives. But I believe he will get the upper hand over them and show them to be nothing but mewling namby-pambies. Grab the popcorn! - Elric

  2. It's not that the WSJ editorial board doesn't know that they are wrong. It's just that they cannot admit it publicly. Yet, anyway.

    I wonder how they will explain it in November after the Trump landslide? Or will their previous editorials just go down the memory hole?

    Steve in Greensboro

  3. Kasich will not be writing the ballot in November the way he did in March, where you had to vote twice for your choice to count.

    PS Kasich is liked because he did a good job bringing jobs back to OH, but a lot of people hate him because he jacked up taxes to balance the budget, so his capabilities may be a bit overrated.

  4. I've been a WSJ subscriber for a long time but lately I'm less and less enthused, for the reasons you mention and more. The stupid globalist, pro-mass immigration editorial page stance, since morphed into even stupider Never Trumpism, has become really tiresome.

    Do I need a pro-business newspaper that doesn't care about American jobs, or is too clueless to see how their stance screws current and future generations of Americans? No I do not.

    Plus I don't have time to read the damn thing. LOL

  5. I don't think Trump was going to get the open borders vote anyway, so who cares about Kasich the RINO?

  6. I liked John Kasich first b 4 Trump but turned me off big time w/Cruz alliance & how he eats! Now he is unfaithful to his personal pledge to support the people's nominee! Now I think he is a cry baby spoiler! Trump Will Win w/out Kasich!

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  8. Kasich is loathed and despised by Tea Party folk in Ohio. They are lining up behind Trump in a big way. If Kasich had not been such a jerk by continuing his pointless campaign, he might have had a chance at the VP slot. But, seems Mr. Trump doesn't like jerks.

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