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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why should anyone care about these opinions?

WARNING: The following post includes fresh mockery of the media which may cause you to go out and buy my book of such mockery.

People who blew Trump of last sumer are now telling you what they think about him this summer. I am laughing so hard it is hard to type.

Ezra Klein last summer:
Donald Trump’s surge in the polls has been covered as terrible news for the GOP. But it’s fantastic news for one Republican — Jeb Bush.
The rise of the bombastic celebrity mogul and the saturation media coverage of his controversial comments on illegal immigrants is a godsend for the putative frontrunner, who, in every area except fundraising, has been underperforming so far.
Ezra Klein today:
Donald Trump's nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid 
Daniel W. Drezner last summer:
Trump will lose, and lose big. [SNIP] The system will work — Trump will have entered the race, will likely qualify for the debates, and will not come close to winning the nomination. The GOP’s nomination process will have proven itself able to weed out superficial blowhards like Trump. And The Donald will be just another failed presidential contender with a television contract.
Oh, and this from the same piece:
Trump can only crowd out one of these candidates (unless Trump’s ego and hair are filing separately with the FEC).
Daniel W. Drezner today:
If I were Trump's speechwriter, here's the foreign policy portion of tonight's speech that I'd submit to him.
It's called concern trolling.

Charles Krauthammer last summer:
Kim Kardashian has a better shot at winning the presidency than Bernie Sanders.
Followed by:
Teflon Don. Solid constituency, fixed ceiling. Chances of winning his party’s nomination? About the same as Sanders winning his.
Charles Krauthammer today:
Chanting ‘Hillary, Lock Her Up’ Isn’t Going to Attract the Undecided
Why should we care what they think, say, or believe about Trump?

They wrote him off. They offered a groupthink that was wrong then -- and it remains wrong today.

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  1. If everyone is thinking the same, nobody is really thinking.

  2. The most amazing thing is those people still have jobs and are still getting paid. Being so wrong should have consequences. "Off with their heads!" says the Queen of Hearts.

    182 days until Obama leaves office. But who's counting?

    1. They won't be for long because eventually even the most agenda driven oligarch gets tired of throwing his money away. The problem is people like Klein, Will, Drezner, Kristol and Krauthammer are like cockroaches-when the food runs out and a light is pointed at them they scurry away into the wall. They will come out somewhere else unless the whole house is made so inhospitable to t g em they either leave for good or die trying.

    2. It may as well be ESPN, talk about what's going to happen this weekend and never talk about what you thought last week. Waste of time and energy.

  3. And now they prefer Hillary because she will screw up so bad that a Republican Conservative will win in 2020. NOT!
    They conveniently ignore the multiple SC appointments that she would make and "Republicans in Name Only" that populate the Senate would approve of saying "Ah now we will next time". No more next times.

    1. Like Obama did.
      6 reliable progressives on the SC trump any Conservative (like Ted Cruz, who Lindsay Graham said could be shot in public.)
      Hillary is a Gorgon, with no oppostion she will snuff out as much freedom as she can.

  4. Kraut should go back to working for Mondale. Oops. He already did.

  5. Donald Trump and The Republican National Convention Live Stream [Official]

  6. Watch who stays at Fox and who goes now that Ailes is out.

    1. Who cares? The only ones who buy into the bullcrap that Fox is not a leftist globalist propaganda outlet are the gullible and ill-informed. Take a look at what Rupert Murdoch says, believes and supports and you will know all his news outlets agenda.

  7. --the saturation media coverage of his controversial comments on illegal immigrants--

    This just shows what an out of touch elitist this guy is. Trump's concern for our open borders is not at all controversial where I live.

  8. Looking forward to the sequel to Trump the Press if Trump wins the election.

  9. Pundits: Not getting smarter while we wait to vote.

    Sam L. (from an undisclosed location)