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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why the Left suddenly is anti-Russian

“The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”
– President Obama,
presidential debate, Oct. 22, 2012

Four years later, Obama and his acolytes in the press see Russia as the enemy that wants Donald Trump to be president.

Why is the Left suddenly anti-Russian?

The key is in the president statement. The Cold War is over. His side lost. No longer do American liberals get their marching orders from Moscow. In 2009 Hillary and Obama hit the reset button. But now that Republicans have a nominee that no longer regards Russia as the evil empire -- it is after all a shell of its pre-Soviet self -- the Left is free to demonize Russia.

Austin Bay pointed out this turn of events in "Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack."

The Left succeeded in demonizing Joe McCarthy and made calling a person a communist self-discrediting. It backfires worse than calling someone a Nazi. You cannot even call an avowed communist like Van Jones or Angela Davis a communist. They are the Leftist version of David Duke but instead of isolating them, the Left raises them to the level of icon.

The Left has long taken its cue from Moscow. The Left opposed American involvement in part because of the secret Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact or German–Soviet Non-aggression Pact, which took effect on August 23, 1939 -- just nine days before the Germans invaded Poland.

Once Hitler broke the treaty on June 22, 1941, all bets were off. The Left went all in on the Great Patriotic War, as Stalin called it.

FDR armed the Soviets through a railroad from Iran that the United States built just to transport the war matériel. This helped tie up the German forces in the Battle of Stalingrad, which lasted more than two years. But of course the price was giving the Soviets all of Poland (Hitler had agreed to halfsies) and the rest of Eastern Europe.

Hey Obama, Gus Hall called from the 1950s. He wants his marching orders from Moscow back.

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    He starts, "If Don Surber smokes he's lighting a cigar fight now..."

    The Russkis are no longer Commies; they're fascists. Natturally the Dems think of them as Republicans.

    1. More correctly, the Democrats should think of them as comrades. The Fascists were Progressives.

  2. "right", not "fight". Mah fingers betrayed me!

  3. Vlad is looking for a deal with somebody whose tumor might tell her today's a great day to nuke Moscow.

  4. Part of the answer to how the left perceives Russia is answered in a book titled Nationalism the Last Stage of Communism written by Emil Lengyel in 1969. In it he discusses the rise of nationalism in the satellite states, beginning with Tito's Yugoslavia, and then the others. He also talks about the possibility that this could happen in the Soviet Union itself, which it obviously did later on. Because the author didn't live long enough to see what eventually transpired and comment on it there isn't much that I know of to refer to for follow up. This gets back to what I was beginning to discuss earlier about abstractions and how we use them. Sometimes processes, historical events and movements have labels that are inaccurate descriptions for what they are looking at, or the terminology changes. A good example is how the term "liberal" is used here and abroad. I doubt that many people in the Communist Party in the USSR in the seventies and eighties would have described themselves as nationalists, but their actions could be used to describe them that way. After the debacle that was the invasion of Afghanistan there was a definite turning inward, so to speak, and this was not merely because empire had played itself out or the economy was failing. I think the potential for this inward turn was there even while they were riding high. The failures of the globalists in the party merely gave the nationalist elements an opportunity to expand their influence. The last gasp of the globalists was in the oligarchies in various industries that formed under Yeltsin. The nationalists cleaned them out. They had ties with academics here that were advising Yeltsin, and the left lost their remaining contacts when they lost power.

  5. "Why is the Left suddenly anti-Russian?"

    Oh look, over there, a squirrel! Maybe calling Trump a Nazi has lost its pizzazz, so they've decided to call him a Russian stooge. The Dems will throw just about anything against the wall to see what sticks.

    Every time the Dems blame the Russians for hacking the DNC computers, it helps to confirm Trump's claim that the Russians have no respect for Hillary Clinton, whose home email server, let us not forget, was wide open and unprotected against hackers. If the Russians did hack the DNC, then the Dems should consider it the proverbial middle finger salute...directed at them. Putin is probably getting a huge laugh out of this, as the Dems twist themselves into a pretzel to explain why it was their computers that got hacked to reveal embarrassing information, not the RNC's and not Trump's.

  6. Benedict Arnold would've loved a chance to recruit among the modern left. Too bad for him they're more inclined to enter the battlefield afterwards and rob the casualties. Their own sides.

  7. Clinton/Dem Rule 1: The louder they howl, the closer to the truth you're getting. There may be some shenanigans between Barry/Hill and the Rooskies that we're not even aware of yet. Wouldn't surprise me. Barack Obama is the most amoral President in the history of this country, and Hillary's just following suit. Bad, dangerous mojo.

    1. Forget a tax on carbon dioxide, the Left should be subjected to a tax on air. Frickin' oxygen thieves....

  8. Could be Putin's waiting to see who wins the election.

    If it's Trump, he may figure he doesn't need the Clintons anymore. At which point he throws them off the troika to the wolves in the cause of realpolitik.

  9. These are the people who think the wrong side won the Cold War.