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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Washington Post's awesomely bad coverage of Trump's managerial change

The day Donald Trump announced he was running for president, Chris Cillizza and the Washington Post blew him off in a story headlined:
Why no one should take Donald Trump seriously, in one very simple chart
A year later, these bozos have learned nothing. Cillizza and company are determined to derail Trump -- and are willing to lie to achieve this.

Consider the departure of Corey Lewandowski as campaign manager. Cilliza was ecstatic, writing:
Donald Trump fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Monday after months of tensions between Lewandowski and Trump convention manager Paul Manafort. The move reportedly came at the urging of Trump's children -- most notably his daughter, Ivanka. Lewandowski sat down with CNN's Dana Bash for an interview on Monday after his dismissal. It's was, um, a bizarre conversation in which Lewandowski repeatedly suggested everything was going awesomely! and praised Trump time and time again.
Cillizza's headline read:
Corey Lewandowski’s surreal ‘Everything is Awesome’ interview
That was a lie.

According to the transcript Cillizza posted, Lewandowski did not say "everything is awesome." Not once.

Nor did he say awesomely or awesome repeatedly; again he did not say it even once.

The only person who said awesomely was Chris Cillizza.

It was an awesomely bad post.

And like the rest of media, the Washington Post missed the real story -- that after hiring Manafort, Trump had let Lewandowski keep his position until he could find another job. Days after the two parted company, CNN hired him.

The Washington Post was livid:
CNN’s hiring of Corey Lewandowski insults the press — and women
Ah, the Post perpetuated the myth that Lewandowski threw Michelle fields to the floor and pummeled her senselessly. From the story:
Fields told me Tuesday that the aftermath of her filing charges against Lewandowski resulted in death threats from Trump supporters, threats that were also delivered through her mother and brothers, who were told how many hours she had left to live if she didn’t drop the charges.
The 28-year-old, now a contributing reporter at Huffington Post after resigning from Breitbart, said she continues to be targeted by Trump’s army of supporters, and described what happened as “a nightmare that won’t end.”
“I was disappointed and shocked,” to hear of CNN’s move, she said. “A regular person couldn’t even get a job at McDonald’s after what he did.”
She added: “Come on, this is CNN! They call themselves the most trusted name in news.”
When it comes to Trump, there's always an orgy of anger at the post. And omissions. The prosecutor dropped the case after video vindicated Lewandowski.

Finally, there was this from the Washington Post:
Corey Lewandowski’s first week on CNN was just as bad as everyone expected
By everyone, the writer meant three consecutive tweets from Michael Calderone, Huffington Post senior media reporter and an adjunct professor at NYU.

Cheer up, Posties. Trump will not be nominated. Cillizza has the chart.


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  1. The fact Lewandowski showed up at the Trump rally in NH must have been the last straw.

    No bad blood, no dirty little secrets coming out.

  2. "Cheer up, Posties. Trump will not be nominated. Cillizza has the chart."

    Yep, and FiveThirtyEight has a forecast

  3. "Cheer up, Posties. Trump will not be nominated. Cillizza has the chart."

    Yep, and FiveThirtyEight has a forecast

  4. Michelle Fields was interviewed by Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss her book and was totally fisked. He revealed her for a complete fraud. This was something that was immediately clear to me when I first saw the security video that showed her grabbing Donald Trump by the elbow and then being shooed away by Corey Lewandowski---who was, after all, only doing his job.

    She told Malzberg she didn't intend to get Lewandowski fired when she filed her assault complaint with the police and that the whole episode took on a "life of its own." Malzberg quickly put the lie to that by pointing out she was the one who fueled the aftermath of the event, especially by lodging a complaint with the police. She then said she filed her complaint in order to force an apology from the Trump campaign and claimed the police agreed to help her get an apology. Malzberg expressed strong doubt the police would have pursued a criminal investigation of Lewandowski only to secure an apology for her. He's right. I say she set out from the start to cause a ruckus and has continually lied about it in order to sell her book. It was a planned ambush.

  5. if you want to see awesomely bad coverage of this election campaign, look no farther than Fox news commentator Ellen Ratner. A total air head and apologist for Hillary Clinton, she sees no issue of concern with today's FBI interview of her heroine. Why does she have a gig at Fox? Is she Fox's token Jewish lesbian? I don't get it. She's the female version of Juan Williams, who cannot bring himself ever to admit that Hillary might have broken the law with her home-brew email server...or that she might just be the most corrupt person in his lifetime to run for the office of president. Listening to either one, Ratner or Williams, is enough to lower your IQ by 10 points.

  6. The first chapter of Genesis would read very differently if the Posties had've been hanging around at the time.

    "And God saw the light, that it was awesomely awesome..."