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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Washington Post is uniquely unqualified to judge Trump

In an editorial, the Washington Post called Donald Trump "uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament."

Wrong. He has 40-plus years of chief executive experience, and unlike his opponent, he does not through fits of rage. But when the silly put down of Trump comes from an uninformed newspaper staff that is uniquely unqualified to judge Donald Trump because of its corporate climate of anti-Trump hysteria.

Not one of the Washington Post's 30 or so columnists -- plus its hundreds of "reporters" -- sides with Donald Trump. Daily its editors dispatch reporters to find the dirt on The Donald to the point of absurdity. Did you know 25 years ago he posed as his own PR man?

Meanwhile 25 years ago, Hillary was trashing the women who slept with her husband, and up to her eyeballs in the failed Whitewater development project.

What you have at the Post -- as evidenced by its daily dollops of Trump nontroversies -- is an echo chamber. The outline of a sheriff's badge becomes a Star of David which becomes a Holocaust patch which becomes an anti-Semitic attack on Hillary. Never mind that she isn't Jewish. The staff at the Washington Post and the staffs at the other establishment publications in Washington seem to talk themselves

He's Hitler, therefore they are doing God's work and they must do anything to stop him.

The effect is both self-delusional and self-defeating. When you badger a fellow day in and day out over petty things, you piddle away your moral authority should he do something really wrong. The story of the lad who cried wolf comes to mind.

The editorial, "Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy," is itself a threat to our democratic republic, as are the many, many references to Hitler and other strongmen made both in the Post and other establishment publications. As the inevitability of a Trump presidency someone may try something ugly to stop it.

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  1. WaPo just throwing red meat to their subscribers.

    1. Anemic little punks could use some. And maybe some sunshine and Vitamin C.

  2. If he's Hitler I'm voting for Hitler. The WapoDems just made Hitler a little more acceptable. So. Where do we go from here?

  3. Hitler runs every 4 years according to WAPO and the rest of the MSM

  4. Still waiting for a lost of her positive achievements.

  5. The Washington Post still has subscribers?

  6. One more exammple of why we don't trust WaPo no mo!

    Sam L.

  7. I had a good laugh last month: I'd followed links which ended at articles in WaPo, and apparently I reached the limit.

    So next time I followed a link to WaPo, it told me that I was blocked for the rest of the month, unless I bought a subscription!

    The funny thing for me was, each and every article I'd read at the WaPo only demonstrated to me their total bias, carelessness of the facts, and unbridled boosterism of the Left! Now they wanted me to PAY them to show me how stupid they are?

    I still laugh thinking about it!

  8. And these are the same people who thought that Obungler was the most qualified man to ever run for president. To paraphrase Sarah Palin, he had accomplished nothing but wrote two autobiographies about it. We don't know how brilliant he is because he won't release his college transcripts. As we see, his presidency has been a disaster. I was called a racist on Twitter for calling him the black Jimmah Carter.